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Re: salt pushers
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Published: 7 years ago
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Re: salt pushers

"but there is this great leap you constantly make that since it worked for 2 people then it is the answer for everyone."

I didn't get that impression.

"....and since you happen to be of a normal intelligence level compared to the masses of retarded people who are unable to formulate complete sentences, people are taking your word for gospel."

The masses always contain people who are normal, people who are better than normal, and people who are less than normal. Individual thought, action and achievement can be exercised in a free society. In a collectivist society, the individual no longer matters, and the collectivist seeks to stifle the activity of the individual, using damage to some group as a basis. But is also true in television, where the "news" is not required to tell the truth, and less than normal people take it as gospel. There are many other schemes whereby groups much more nefarious than posters on curezone take advantage of the less normal people. So it appears to be a widespread phenomenon.

"trapper is the one who has come up with this salt push idea. you and he are pushing the push as a solution for everyone, and it is just not so. "

It was actually an MD, a certain Dr. Shevin who pushed the salt flush. Understand, when coming to CZ, people could post "Here is Dr. Shevin's article on salt loading", and post the link. Other viewers would see it and say "wow", or "ok", or "cool, thanks" and that'd be the end of it. Other blatantly-obvious options for discussion would be to alter the amounts of salt. One can go lower, or one can go higher. So, you have people saying "take a lot of salt". My guess is this is nothing new, people have been saying to take a lot of salt for millenia.

"just because you made some good connections it does not mean it is a universal truth."

Definitely not. These guys are just saying to take more salt. I note that the media tells people to eat canola oil and a bunch of other polyunsaturated crap that's been proven to inhibit thyroid and implicated strongly in arteriosclerosis, on a mass communication scale. Nobody's being forced to take any salt, what's forced on the masses are those oils, GMO's, bromate / bromide. The world is full of people telling us what to do. Each person gets to decide for themselves, in a free society.

"... instead of trying to practice medicine in curezone soundbites."

Nobody practices medicine on a webpage without somehow first contracting for medical services. I was never asked to contract. I never viewed any single posting on the CZ website as being practice of medicine by anybody, but that's just my impression.

I think people on here's advice, is pretty harmless. About half of it's bunk, and of the other half only about 1/5 is actually potentially useful. So I always take everything I read, on CZ and elsewhere, with a few grains of salt.


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