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What Worked For Me - Part 4: Enemas and Colon Cleansing
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Published: 7 years ago

What Worked For Me - Part 4: Enemas and Colon Cleansing


Now we get into a subject that is fairly unpleasant but I think necessary. In fact, I know I turned the corner in my battle with candida by doing enemas. The problem I was having was knowing if I was making any progress by doing the standard protocol against candida. The only thing I had to go on was how I was feeling and is my die-off progressively diminishing. These are subtle things to judge. Candida regularly produces toxins even if left alone. It is part of their metabolism. When you kill them with antifungals they release lots of toxins in a short period of time. But regardless of whether they are growing or dying they release toxins. So it is possible that you could eat some sugary or starchy foods and get the exact same reaction as die-off. My point is that it is difficult to know if you are making progress against candida by something as subjective as how you feel. I had been of a strict no sugar, no starch, no dairy diet when I started doing enemas and I was completely shocked at the yeast that was up in there. I am sure it would have been even much more if I wasnít on a strict diet but that experience proved to me that you canít ďstarve the yeastĒ into oblivion. I think that people do experience die-off by just going from a permissive candida diet to a strict one. If you feed candida lots of things it likes you will get massive populations of candida. Then if you suddenly go to a strict diet there is no way for all of those colonies to be able to be supported anymore. Many die but not all. So I encourage you to start doing enemas to gauge how well you are doing in your candida struggle. If you mess up, you will know it. If you try something new and see a reduction in yeast, it is a piece of the puzzle that you have found.

I am going to be describing two types of enemas. The first type is the cleansing enema where you squirt fluid (I will describe what fluid later) up your rear and let it sit there for 10 to 15 minutes. Then you go to the toilet and release the contents of your bowels. The purpose of this enema is to clean out whatís up there (feces and yeast). I do two cleansing enemas before doing my retention enema. We want to get as much feces (turds) out because they act as a stopper preventing the retention enema from reaching the far reaches of the colon.

The second enema is the retention enema. After doing the 2 flush/cleanse enemas, we do a last enema containing antifungals, nutrients and/or enzymes to treat the colon. You can be creative here. If you are just starting out I suggest putting nystatin in to kill the candida. You can add fluconazole if you have it. I strongly suggest that you do not use the harsh antifungals in your enema. By harsh I mean those antifungals that are very irritating to the skin and/or that kill friendly bacteria. If you kill the friendly bacteria, you are getting into imbalance which must be avoided Harsh antifungals include all essential oils like oregano oil, cinnamon oil, etc. Also included would be garlic, caprylic acid and grapefruit seed extract (GSE). The only antifungals I am comfortable with in an enema are nystatin and fluconazole. After injecting the enema you hold it in. You donít get on the toilet and release it. The antifungals reach parts of the colon that oral meds just wonít reach.

The equipment you will need are 2 different enema bottles. They can both be found in a drugstore. The first is a bulb style enema container. It comes in a box and has a blue bulb base and a 2.5 inch which injector tip. You can find them on Amazon if your drugstore doesnít carry them. This will be your flush/cleanse enema. The other is a Fleet enema bottle. These are sold in drugstores as laxatives. They come in a green and white box and contain a clear plastic bottle with a screw on white injector tip. You can throw away the contents of the bottle. It is a strong saline solution that will force a bowel movement if constipated.

Starting with the cleanse enema, we need something besides water to use. You could use a salt vinegar solution. Since the enema bulb holds 8 ounces, you could mix 1/8 tsp. salt with Ĺ tsp. vinegar (apple cider vinegar) in a coffee cup and stir till dissolved. We want it lukewarm so microwave for no more than 30 seconds. I suggest microwaving for 20 seconds and then test it to see if it is lukewarm and if not then 10 seconds more. I personally like the Cabbage Rejuvelac enema. It contains good friendly probiotic bacteria and is somewhat sour so as to induce a bowel movement. You can find directions on how to make your own Cabbage Rejuvelac here:


Cabbage Rejuvelac contains live microbes so it needs to be refrigerated after separating the juice from the pulp. In this case I put 4 ounces of distilled or purified water in a coffee cup and microwave it for 45 seconds. Then I pour the hot water into my glass containing 4 ounces refrigerated Rejuvelac and mix it with a spoon. Bring the blue enema bulb over to the glass and fold over the bulb by pressing in the middle and folding the bottom of the bulb over to the top so as to squeeze every bit of air out of the bulb. Place the injector into the liquid and release the bulb. Keep the injector tip completely in the liquid as the liquid level falls and it is being sucked into the enema bulb. Remove your clothing below the waist. Walk over to something like a bed or couch or futon (you can put a large towel down on top of it if you think a drop of enema fluid might get loose) and while holding the full enema bulb in one hand slowly insert injector tip of enema bulb into your anus and slowly push it as far in as it will go. This might take some slow twisting to get it started in. Now get on your knees on the towel and lower your head to the mattress (your hand is holding the enema bulb firmly in your rear the whole time). Now jack your tail high in the air by digging in your toes and raising your knees off the mattress. When your tail is as high as it can go, slowly squeeze the enema bulb. You will feel the solution enter you. Donít squeeze the whole bulb into you. We only want to inject half of it this time. When you squeeze the bulb and the two side of the bulb touch each other, there is about half of the solution left in the bulb. Stop there. I find that it is easiest for me to hold the enema if I lay on my futon with my knees over the top of the futon (where you head normally goes) and my head down by the edge of the mattress (where your knees normally goes). This way the enema fluid is being drawn down by gravity into your bowels. You might want a towel to cover the mattress here also if you want to be careful. You could wear Depends to prevent an accident. Iíve never had a major accident on the futon. A towel is all I need but your experience might be different than mine. All I know is that in order to retain my enemas I need to have my rear significantly higher than my head and I need to be able to relax. I could not do this inside my bathroom with a porcelain bathtub and tile floor. Iím not saying my way is the only way to do it. It is what works for me. You can experiment and find a better solution for yourself if you think my way might cause a messy accident for you. I also donít have any carpet. If I did I would find a way of doing this in the bathroom. There have been times when heading to the bathroom a few drops have hit the floor. It is easy to spot on my wood floors and easy to clean up. You need to hold the enema inside you for 10 Ė 15 minutes. If during that time you feel a sudden urgency that canít be denied, then of course go to the toilet. There have been times when I thought an urgency was upon me but Iíve learned to relax and allow the tension in my anal region to dissipate and have gotten through it. When you do go to the toilet try to discharge all of the contents out of you in the shortest possible period of time and with the most forcefulness. This will help get as much poo out of the colon as possible. Repeat the cleanse enema only now use the remaining fluid that is still in the enema bulb.

I feel that it is very important to visually examine what comes out of you into the toilet bowl. I know this sounds yucky but I feel it is of tremendous benefit to you. You can use cheap disposable gloves or perhaps even some kind of stick. If you are having watery diarrhea then donít bother. Move things around slowly and see what you find that doesnít look like feces. Yeast comes in all different forms. It looks like flecks, globules, patches and/or ďstringsĒ. Although yeast is translucent white it is more often translucent wheat color. It can also be green or dark color by being in the feces for so long. More important than the color is the buoyancy it has. Slight motions in the water will cause it to move easily like a feather. Now that Iíve been doing enemas for a couple of months, I see a light scattering of flecks in the toilet after my first enema but much more candida after my second enema (globules and strings). Strings are actually yeast biofilm structures. They are often a gray-green color indicating a long life in the colon. Iíve examined them since they freaked me out so much when I first discovered them. They can be 2 inches to 1 foot long and have a much higher tensile strength than candida could have by itself. They apparently anchor at one end to the wall of your colon and dangle freely like a streamer down toward your anus. Now that Iíve been doing enemas for a while now I donít see strings much anymore. But examining your enema evacuations is a good way to gauge your progress in how you are doing against candida.

For your retention enema you want to use the Fleet enema bottle. Now the opening for the bottle is narrow and we want to put nystatin into the solution. So instead of trying to pour nystatin down the narrow opening we want to use a small water bottle with a screw on lid. I use the small 8 ounce water bottles sold in stores. It has an opening that will accommodate my ľ teaspoon allowing me to stick it in there. Start some hot water flowing and stick your finger in the stream till it gets lukewarm. Measure 4 ounces and pour into the water bottle. Measure a rounded ľ teaspoonful of nystatin. Not heaping, not level, rounded. Place that in the water bottle. Put cap on water bottle and gently shake for 10 seconds. Pour contents into Fleet enema bottle and screw on injector tip. Do the enema just like the cleanse enema. Keep your tail significantly higher than your head for 10 or more minutes. After that you can assume a lying position and just relax. On this enema the goal is to NOT go to the bathroom. We want the nystatin to go deep in the bowels and kill candida. You may find that the next day when you have your next bowl movement some of the turds will be coated with the yellow nystatin. You may also see dead yeast that is now opaque.

I do this enema routine every 12 hours. Occasionally I will feel too tired to do the evening one but that is an exception. Candida is a fast reproducer. I think once a day is not enough to get the upper hand on it. Iíve seen tremendous progress during the 2 months Iíve been doing this and I feel great.

Recently Iíve been experimenting with things to put into my retention enemas. I sometimes add fluconazole 200 mg. I sometimes include lactoferrin. I sometimes add Interfase Plus (a biofilm buster). But the one that I feel made my health improve substantially is glutathione. This is an antioxidant natural to the body. In fact it is the gold standard as far as antioxidants go. Taken orally much is degraded by the digestion. However, taken rectally it is absorbed and used by the body. It doesnít attack candida directly but it does stimulate T1 immunity by the body. This is cell mediated immunity which is what is low in candida patients. The link below discusses T1 vs. T2 immunity and mentions glutathione as a T1 booster:

After taking the glutathione rectally my general well-being was significantly enhanced. My saliva even tasted cleaner. That sounds weird but it is the only way I can describe it. Even if I get over my candida I plan on continuing with the glutathione. This is the product I use:

I plan on discussing probiotics in my next post. You will need to ramp up on probiotics when you see that youíve had a significant reduction of yeast colonies coming out of the enemas. The good bacteria colonizing the gut will prevent the yeast from coming back. Again I want to give my standard disclaimer to those who might get overwhelmed by all the stuff Iíve given you:

Since it is fairly hard to know how serious or widespread a yeast infection you might have, I am going to assume it is a serious infection. If your infection is not that serious then if you take my advice you will get over your infection much quicker than normal. All of the things I discuss here are helpful to curing yeast infection. It is impossible to answer what is the least you have to do or buy to get over your yeast problem. I am writing to a large audience. Each personís needs are different. Donít ask me if you HAVE TO do any one thing or combinations of things Iíve discussed. Take responsibility for your own health. Do your own research like I have and EXPERIMENT wisely.
If you missed my previous posts in this series you can read them here:





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