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Re: I found out what Morgellens is!
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Published: 9 years ago
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Re: I found out what Morgellens is!

What you and everyone else's problem here is that you are putting your faith and belief into an imaginary sky wizard and you cannot discerned pseudo-science from the real deal. Praying will not heal help or hinder anything... Lol.. You people are just talking to your self, that's all nothing more. Humans are the dirtiest filthiest animals living on this planet. Yes,I said we are animals and if you think otherwise please explain to me what we are. We share the same genes as a fruit fly jelly fish or chimpanzee. More astounding than that is the fact that we are primarily made of viral/bacterial genes passed down from generation to generation, somewhere in the 70 to 80+ %. You don't have to believe anything I say, and I particularly recommend you don't. You should be skeptical of what anyone tells you, this skepticism leads to research, and through research you can drop the fraudulent claims and keep the ones that hold up to scrutiny. For example, if I told you we are made from dead stars you would more than likely say I'm crazy and that we were made by a god; whichever one, well that's up to you to decide. My point is that humanity has come along way since we had to rely on making up divine fantastical stories about our origins because the truth is more astounding than any story tying us to a mythical divine creature. There are numerous myths and stories created by us partially because of our ignorance of the subject matter. Take rain as an example, throughout mans combined history across culture and continent we have come up with multiple stories of the origin of rain and how it is brought to us from the gods. We now know what rain truly is and most people take that for granted. Since we understand the mechanics and origins of rain, the gods we correlated with rain are now obsolete and the majority of humanity have no idea that a particular god even exists. That's just silly right? Well what if I told you that we understand what photons are and their correlation with matter to a point that we can capture a ray of light emitted from an object and analyze it to find out EXACTLY what that object is made of. So what if we analyze the light coming from distant stars or even our own star sol, what we can see is that these stars are creating elements. The same elements that we are made of, which in turn shows that we are the offspring of stars. Wow. Yes what I'm telling you is we are star stuff. At one point in time billions of years ago a star died and from that death we were born. No, the universe is not 6000 years old unlike what the bible says. If you start to let go of the preconceptions of early ignorant man you will open your mind to a wonderful world of truth and knowledge. After all that said I think the majority of you people probably got infected by consuming industrialized food stuffs. This can result in numerous mental and physical ailments including diabetes parasites cancer and a horrendous chemical imbalance. If you brush your teeth with fluoridated toothpaste you probably have screwed up your pineal gland beyond recognition. And that probably why you don't have an original thought in your heads.Granted the majority of doctors are fools vicariously working for pharm companies, and poisoning our populations. There are some who still believe in Hippocrates teachings- Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food. Oh and stop eating meat, especially pork and beef. Your sure to get a parasite or worse cancer. I bet you feed your children that crap because it's cheaper than whole or raw foods. But my best advise to give is be as skeptical as you can, research under accredited Science publications, and if you can't tell whether it's pseudo-science or not, well, look elsewhere. Oh and religion should be taken lightly not factually, it is a societal mechanism used by the few to control the many. We are not livestock or sheeple. Break free of they're condescension and control, open your mind to a higher understanding of this life and the truths that are, or are waiting to be. Put down the bible and pick up a physics book. And if you still feel like there is some sky wizard livin it up with Jesus take a few courses on mythology or just google that shit, the pieces will slowly but surely come together. And why would any government be spending bazillions on nano research to control population, lol they've been doing that with religion for centuries and guess what , it works and you fools are the proof in the pudding. If they want to thin the numbers they start a war, people die and someone always gets paid for it.. Probably the Rothschild dynasty, been getting paid for it since the French Revolution. They own the banks and your sorry asses, that's for sure. Lol nano chemtrails reprogramming our RNA..lmao someone must've read a sci-fi book about killer parasitic vampire plants from space. And where's the picture or irrefutable evidence of this binary code you found and photographed!!! Lmao as far as Gmo goes anything that has been grown and harvested is a gmo. You need to understand genealogy and genetics but basically everything we eat has been modified over the years from a less edible ancestor. It's called selective breeding. Where do you think dogs came from or corn or wheat. We (humans) take something appealing to us and breed it with another of similar qualities. Hence the variety of dogs from wolfs and the various types of edible grains.

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