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Re: I found out what Morgellens is!
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Published: 9 years ago
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Re: I found out what Morgellens is!

I too, have been trying to figure these out for the part year and a half. I agree with your conclusions also,and I'd like to add a few of my own discoveries and observations. ...
I have done all the "experiments" possible with the limited resources available to me. Namely, isolation is the worst hindrance-thinking that there's no one to confide in. Your partner doesn't believe you & heaven forbid you say anything to your friends who will either call you crazy and then eventually start trading you and spreading rumors. Or so I thought. As I keep researching and learning, I have started to believe that more of my friends and others have already contracted-for lack of an appropriate term-these insects, probably unbeknownst to them what they are living with. I have found that two of my female friends believed they've had a parasitic bug living inside them for up to 10 years.
As most of the information says, it's almost impossible to pinpoint how one gets exposed to these things and must disregard that aspect, as much of our time is dedicated to trying to erradicate these monsters. It seems Neverending and impossible. Which leads me to MY interpretation of what has happened. ... to ALL of us.

Since these'things'have so many stages of life-taking many different shapes, etc., it seems they are able to assimilate enough to resemble their "host", or other neighboring insects. And it seems each generation are an unprovement to the last. They seem to get smarter.
I have taken volumes of photographs (around my house, but mostly of my own head and hair). I want to share them, but where? Anyway, sometimes, get"reflections-or more like Sony stands-depicted. I can zoom in and plainly see a ribbon approximately an inch long, displaying-quite legibly-the series: "101010..."; as we all know is the binary code of computer-ese!
Therefore, I believe we've been infected (through chemtrails, cloud seeding, even laser testing in ouratmospheres and other wherewithalls) BY OUR OWN GOVERNMENT, with a Nano-robotic &/or GMO-a Geneticaly Modified Organism as their brilliant firm of population control. That is why the doctors are not on your side. They've been told (and paid, too probably) not too acknowledge these things, especially of the low incomed, with or without (state) health insurance. They're trying to eliminate all populations that will not become "Sheeple", (specifically, us FreeThinkers); and anyone with an already projected short life span, such as the elderly, the infirm-starting with recipients of SSI/SDI and the like-the mentally ill, folks who visit doctors and hospitals often especially those with a compromised immune system.
That was one of the first things I noticed. ... physically ailing persons present with more recognizable symptoms or traits resulting from the activity of these insects.
Anyway, I apologize. I can go on with more "amazing" truisms I've discovered about this horrifying parasite, but now I must spend about 3 hours trying to hide these 'bugs' in my hair from everyone I come in relation with today, includes blow drying, them hair gel, more blowing, hair spray, hot flat iron, hair spray. ..... This B.S. is going to kill me!
And I'm sure many put there already know as much as I do I an no health professional or anywhere near, but it also seems like many of us have had current activations around the same time: everyone says "... about a year, now..."
I have so much more to share. But, alas, I must TRY to face the world(or more appropriately: MY world. I try not to go far or be away from my home for very long. Ltjough, I have noticed that the more active I am at working, the less they bother me.)
So. I will try to return here and write more. ... thank you for letting me "vent". I'd like to include pics....? I'll figure it out

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