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Re: I found out what Morgellens is!
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Published: 9 years ago
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Re: I found out what Morgellens is!

I caught one in my 2 year old sons ear, he was itching his ear and I got a qtip, it was as small as pepper, I sent it to Vector control who was working with me until some of the samples I sent them, I told came from my skin. They now will not return my phone calls to tell me what it is. It looked like a Phoirod Fly, the same one that was released to kill fire ants.if you look up a Map of Morgellons and look up a Map of fire ants, its exactly the same. My issue started when I lived in Lake, Forest, Ca and I had a fire ant problem, vector control used granuals to kill the fire ants. All my symptoms started then and there, first it felt like something crawling in my ear and that started the Ringing!!! My guess is once the ants where gone they came after people near thst spot and I was closest to the spot.

I started to have gnat issues from then on and Laguna Hills is where I moved after that and people around me started having the same issue. Bees around me are always dying too, I am always seeing dying bees and I have even had them bounce into me at night a lot. Look up Zoombees. I put Bag Balm on my face and the stuff that comes out of my skin is Super frightning!!! I gave the samples to vector control and they said they couldn't adentify them because all that had was insect parts, that is when I said that came from my skin and I was told my doctor needs to sendvthem samples like that and now they wont talk to me. My Doctors wont even take the time to listen to me about this, I went to a Dermatologist and he said he is tired of hearing about this and that he has 25 new patents a week with this complaint. I seed, gee if you have so many people with the same problem, dont you think there might be something to it? When I made the appointment they asked what I was being seen for, I told them a doctor in Garden Grove said Morgellons, so they knew why I wad there and made the appointment so the doctor could tell me its in my head and not even look at my skin what so ever. I told him, your right, its in my head, skalp, cheeks, node, eyelids and my forehead. I have what looks like scabie bite all over my legs too, I asked if that was in my head too and he said our visit is over. AHole!!! I told him it is Myiasis and he said, good, write a paper, get published and I will think about reading it.

I filed a complaint with my insurance company which is medi cal and they ssid it wasn't okay for him to make a appointment knowing what my complaint was and to basically lsugh at me. Last I heard was that there is a open investigation going on with that AHole and he is in trouble for taking so many people who claim to have this and to do nothing but take the insurance money.

My new primary doctor believes me 100% but doesnt know how we can treat this. Bag Balm seems to be working well, it just takes time but it mskes stuff come out ofvthe skin snd prevents fly strike too.

Bag Balm is used for livestock and cow udders, my wife is a ex animal control officer and has made so many people buy this to stop fly strick with thier snimsls, she would go back in a week to check on the animals and it always helped.

I have lots of samples and ways to deal with this so if anyone has more ideas or wants any of mine you can call me on my Cell Phone anytime at 9496328737. I am in So Cali and need all the help I can get for my family and can help as well.

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