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Published: 9 years ago


For a year ive smelt rather rotten and felt that way too. I noticed a fecal, fishy, beefy smell when i was a sophomore and tried to do anything to cover up my smell from the outside. I tried everything, deo multiple times a day, showering, EVERYTHING! I got some comments about head on but would always hear someone say whats that smell, it smells so bad etc. ive had chronic lyme since i was about 10 and it causes fatigue, cognitive issues so on and i had been on and off Antibiotics for a while. Ive always had a very poor diet but didnt smell but after years of constant abuse of my body its understandable that a leaky gut developed: i have bad bags under my eyes and i developed very clammy hands and feet.This most likely gave root to the candida overgrowth i developed which has a disgusting smell. Doctors couldnt find the source of my problems until i went to a neuropathic doctor for my lyme. Shes started me onan assortment of multi vitamins digestive helpers, anti fungals and a strict anti inflammatory diet. I used to having stomach issues every day, incontinence, diarrhea, constipation, strange smelly poops, bad farts and so on. But now after being n this path for 2 days i feel better, and i dont smell at all or nearly as much ands its only been 2 days. My ibs symptoms are gone and my body can detoxify properly now

heres what she gave me.

probiotics 25 bil 4 times a day

glutamine powder: 1tsp 4 times daily

nystatin: 2 units first meal and 2 with dinner

A-FNG: its a antiyeast herb dropper 4 times daily

Blue heron: a digestive helper that cleans the system 6 times daily

magnesium citrate 6 times daily

multi thera one: 4 times daily

min of eat a min of 4 cups of vegtables

4 quarts of water.

avoid gluten and sugary products.


i also take Antibiotics daily for lyme but this might not be necessary.

overall: dont try to cover the odor as the main fight against it. Your body needs help and the odor is a way to tell you, cure the leaky gut with a good diet and the items listed above and your body will no longer leak food and toxins into your blood. Use anti fungals to combat the yeast overgrowth contributing to this.... I have a white covered tongue....

i Nearly took my own life s my lyme symptoms and the odor were making me feel hopeless but a good diet and regiment is just life changing.

my stomach feels good which is a change from the usual ibs symptoms.

Dont give up.. follow this diet and you will be fine. 2 days and i feel a major reduction in stomach problems and the odor... 2 days!!

i will be following this diet for the rest of my life even once the symptoms are fully gone, i feel energized, happier healthier and its clearly is the way to treat your body and feed it.

fried food, fast food, junk food, yeast, Antibiotics all the time, no vitamins or nutrients. you should smell with all this and once you eliminate it your on the right path.

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