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Fecal Body Odour, I just want to talk to others who have this
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Published: 9 years ago

Fecal Body Odour, I just want to talk to others who have this

I shower 2-3 times a day. I'm an 18 year old male. I'm very hygienic I floss, brush, gargle Listerine, clean my ears (even behind them), I scrub every square inch of my body very thoroughly, i always make sure my hair is clean, I wash my clothes and bed sheets regularly, I wear antiperspirant. It seems that I'm offending people at school and so called "friends" with this smell (even strangers make nasty comments), the problem is I can't detect this smell at all and when I smell my clothes all I smell is laundry detergent, so my clothes smell fresh all the time even after a long hot day, well as far as I can tell anyway. I thought it could be the fact that i have sensitive skin and a lot of soaps makes me itchy and even causes rashes around my arm pits and private area so I'm hunting for soap that doesn't harm me. Even then I'm 100% sure that's not the source of the smell. I think it started about a year ago because i heard people saying stuff about me, but I've only noticed it for the past few months or so. I think the odor comes and goes when it comes to severity

Lately I have been receiving some very obvious reactions from people at school and "friends", when they come close to me they breathe heavier and louder and expel air through their nose loudly. My "friends" sit away from me, i don't think they are real friends to be honest, I hear people saying things like what smells, and what smells like **** or does he not know what soap is? This is very very embarrassing. Why me? I'm popular at school (well at least i thought i was...probably not anymore now that words gotten out), School is getting hard and I don't want to go anymore. ITS RUINING MY LIFE :'( , I use to be confident not anymore though. I took the courage to ask a friend about the odor and he said I don't smell but I'm positive he was just being nice to me because I've been really down lately. This whole thing is really starting to make me non social and that's not like me. I never feel a real friendship anymore, don't even get me started on girls.. My breaking point is now I can't handle it. It really gets to me when people are making comments behind your back or they try to be "sneaky" about it and use different words when talking to another person about how bad I smell. i sit by myself a lot now. I'm not suicidal but I've thought about it. I've narrowed it down to fecal Body Odor and they say there is no cure, which has me even more depressed. I'm afraid if i go to a doctor its going to be a dead end, my dad probably doesn't smell it cause maybe he's immune to the smell like me or maybe hes trying to be nice... Just last night I went to a "friends" house and there was a couple of people over, I fell asleep first but i woke up and just continued to lay there in silence, there and then did they make cruel comments like "I think he **** himself" and stuff like that. I had an hour long shower (I washed my body like a million times) before i left the house and i was driven there so I was sweat free! So I thought it could be the deodorant or soap but I tried so many different ones only to be back to square one, I really don't know what to do anymore so please I beg anyone help me get rid of this curse if its even possible, ive read other forums and so far no luck. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

*UPDATE* I went to the doctor today and he and the other doctors couldn't detect the smell, I knew this would happen! He thinks im paranoid because I smoked a bit of pot, but in reality i know it has nothing to do with it. He just said ill set you up with a psychologist. So basically he thinks im paranoid from all the pot smoking. But how can this be? I've quit for a while now so yeah.

I wrote that a few weeks ago now ^ but yeah i've been to a few doctors since then and they all said i don't smell. Today I asked my mum if i had smelled bad and she said yes, finally the first person to actually admit it, the first of many. I knew I smelt but I just wanted someone to actually say it to me, to my face ya know, I needed some form of closure right now. I'm failing school and tafe because I never go, i'm too embarrassed to even leave the house. I feel trapped and it sucks.

I heard of this thing GlycoLax (Polyethylene Glycol) some sufferers of FBO said this worked for them, others said it did not. But I was thinking if I got a colonic irrigation aka colon hydrotherapy, for those who don't know what that is, long story short they pump body temp water through your rectum and loosens up fecal matter, it consists several fills and releases of water. So yeah i was thinking If i changed to the Candida diet and took glycolax and got some colonic irrigation's then maybe i could rid this curse I have. Let me know your thoughts on this? I'd have to do some regular exercise too to sweat out bad toxins according to what I've been told. Let me know your story as well?


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