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On treatment against 'bugs'
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Published: 8 years ago

On treatment against 'bugs'

The following is a reference for the student of truth.
From a response to someone looking for answers:

Hello K.

Treatment against disease varies from patient to patient, and also it is one and the same for each case.

What I also mean by this is that the specific way to resolve a condition of illness through medications and/or herbs varies depending on the case, which is also why I asked you which problem you are facing, if any.

I say that treatment is 'the same' also because the fundamental principles to resolve disease come from one simple action which is 'to get rid of it', or also 'to resolve it', and by 'it' I also mean 'disease'.

In the case of a specific bug in question such as you mention, here are some thoughts:

- The bug is not alone.
- There are roots in the company of such bug.
- Often, the bug has 'help from the inside'.
- Sometimes the bug is also getting help from the outside.
- There is always a good reason for the bug to be there.
- The bug does not go away on its own.
- A great force must be used against the bug so that it is forced to leave.

The reason for the bug to be there should be identified. The 'help from the inside' must be stopped. The traitor must be found, exposed and cleared. I say 'traitor' because anything or anyone that betrays the well-being of the body becomes a traitor to the body. Sometimes the patient betrays, so sometimes the patient him or herself become this 'traitor'.

The help from the outside must be stopped as well. By 'the outside' I also mean 'the environment surrounding the patient'.

There is a 'gang' with the bug. You must find 'the gang' and get rid of it first. To get rid of 'the gang', find the head. To find the head, start by the 'tail'. By 'the head' I mean the root cause. By 'the gang' I mean 'the multitude'. By 'the multitude' I mean 'the crowd', and by 'the crowd' I mean 'the mass'. Use understanding.

If this 'gang' is not resolved first, the bug rarely goes away.

By 'the tail' I also mean 'the weakest reflection of the cause', whichever it may be and wherever it may be found.

To get rid of this 'tail', do not try to get rid of it alone and only, so target its nearest companion too. Therefore, get rid of 'the next in chain' too. This is what I meant when once I wrote 'get rid of them two at a time'.

And so, by getting rid of those parts two at a time, eventually you get rid of the whole, because with each two their number is reduced in pair and in accord. So once the 'gang' is gone, the head can be attacked in full.

The roots are the 'bedding' for twists. Along such roots exist strings. Along such strings, hairs. Also with those 'hairs', 'bodies'. The roots exist in 'the base'. This 'base' can exist in the field and with the columns of the field. The 'base' is a rest for the rest. Over 'the base', what I named 'inculations' rest. [named in other posts as far back as I remember.]

[The hairs are hairs or 'hair-likes'. I have documented these 'hair-likes' before on early posts. The 'inculations' are dynamic and the 'base' can be seen as static. In truth, these 'inculations' are or seem to be more dynamic than the 'base'. The 'bodies' are or can be seen as more dynamic than the strings. The strings are or can be seen as more dynamic than the roots. All this becomes evident also under the microscope.]

The order of attack is thus: First inculations, then the base. A reverse order is not advisable.

The attack must be carried out within the boundaries of understanding, assuming only 'on the side of error' and with the eyes wide open for unfailing observation.

A successful attack must be made complete. To make it complete, fix the field. To fix the field, clean it. To clean it, also make it proper for 'homeostasis in good' and repulsive for the undesirable.

To make it proper, make it fertile for good. To make it fertile for good, nourish it. To nourish it, balance it. To balance it, restore it, and once restored, guard it.

By 'the undesirable' I also mean 'anything that is not desirable for good health'.

Once the attack is successful and complete, the bug will not be able to persist, and so it will have to leave the body or die.

From the above you can see that no matter the bug, if the understanding of this discipline is applied correctly, the bug will go away and the body will be disease-free at least where it comes to that particular bug, which also means that it will be healthy once again to one degree or to the other.

Incidentally, I have been preparing a post of sorts to share with others. It is not finished. As it is, right now it remains as a collection of ideas.

Also for your benefit, here they are:

Disease can occur in layers.
Those layers can be connected.
Those connections can be diverse.
This diversity is of a nature.
This nature seems multiple.
This multiplicity is an addition.
This addition is one.

I say 'This diversity is of a nature' also because ultimately 'they' are all with a purpose.

To resolve disease, understand it.
To understand it, study it.
To study it, examine it.
To examine it, find it.
To find it, search it.
To search it, consider it.
To consider it, be careful, also to say, use wisdom.

To study well, one must become a good student.
To become a good student, the ground must be fertile or it must be made fertile.

For fruitful study, the right conditions are necessary also of the student. Such right conditions also include one condition. This one condition is necessary above all others, and without it study is vain.

Results will speak for themselves.

To study disease, health is necessary.
To achieve health, disease must be overcome.
To overcome disease, it must be resolved.
To resolve it, it must be studied and understood.

So if to study disease health is needed, and if to get health disease must be overcome from study, this I understand also as a 'necessary circle of apparent repetition', or as an apparent dilemma. The solution is within it.

During study remember this:
One tries to lead to zero.
Avoid zero and stay in truth.
Hold on to truth, and do not let go of it.

All written above is confirmed by experience.

Student, admire the Majesty of things.

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