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Sorry to tell you this
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Published: 9 years ago
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Sorry to tell you this

I am sorry you wasted your time and your money on doctors, prescriptions, bulls**t supplements and creams and who knows what else ....

Instead of trying to figure out what was in the sunscreen you used, try to go through all of the foods and drinks you consumed the day before you got your first acne, and the same day you got acne.

Any canned, packaged, tubes, boxes foods? Wine? Drinks?
preservatives ?

Acne come from inside. If it was just your sunscreen, Acne would be gone once you stop using it.

99% of people suffering from acne, have problem with liver, diet and digestion.
The problem could be on many levels, but liver is almost always overworked organ, affecting the rest of the digestion, colon, candida fungi, leaky gut, microbiota.

Yes, it may get worse depending on what you put on your skin, but 99% of the underlying Acne cause is more often then not inside of you.

That is why anything you do from outside may have short living effect or no effect.
Like, not using sunscreen anymore.

To cure acne, you need to do:

- figure out what foods/drinks you are consuming, but should avoid. Learn about Elimination Rotation Diet to figure it out.

here is a list of just a few foods many people with acne react to:

- Sugar added to foods and drinks including corn syrup
- ready made foods, foods with additives, preservatives
- foods and drinks from boxes, cans, jars, bottles, tubes, plastic, bags, anything with additives, anything from food factory
- margarine
- plantoils (sunflower, corn, canola, rape)
- Mono-Sodium-Glutamat (Natrium Glutamat) taste enhacer
- fried foods
- any foods you don't know ingrediets, like meals from a restaurant, bread, sushy,...
- gluten
- grains
- pasteurized, homogenized, heated milk products
- wine, cocktails, cocacola, bottled juices, bottled drinks, alcohol

To improve your food tolerance, you need to start flushing you liver. Learn about the Liver Flush .

If your bowel microflora is compromised, you may need Fecal Transplant FMT . FMT is needed for those with serious bowel or derious autoimune problems.

Read here what other poeple did to cure acne:

Read here what other poeple did to cure other skin problems:

Most skin problem come from inside.

What is wrong with supplements?
Ingredients. Often too many old ingerdients, too much pollution, too many things not listed on the lable.

Trash all your fish oil supplements, and replace it with eatig fresh fish! Consuming fish oil supplemnts is like eating old and smelly fish, 3 months old.

Learn how to cook and how to make food from scratch.
Read all ingredients of anything you eat.

Even raw meat or raw fish or fruits may have added preservatives and chemicals making it bad food for people with skin problems.

And, forget that bulls**t Depression and suicide.
One you iprove your diet and you fush your liver, your acne are past tense.

What can you put on your skin?

Things you would eat, like Virgine Olive Oil , virgine coconut oil, salty water, clean water, fresh raw vegetable juice, fresh raw vegetble or fruit, raw honey, raw beeswax, home made callendula cream.


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