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Hospitalization - depression may be a cause
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Published: 8 years ago

Hospitalization - depression may be a cause

I already posted a thread about Photodynamic Therapy where I wrote my story. I'll just short it for you guys.

My concerns started with fordyce spots. I got a lot of them 3 years ago - almost my whole lips were in them.
I've been treated with CO2 laser (twice and one part even for the 3rd time), tretinoin fluid (not gel or cream), even Aldara. Non of those helped. 4 months ago I've went under the photodynamic therapy. At first it made many of the fordyce spots gone but later a lot came back and it's still unresolved problem for me. Fordyce spots started to come out after I stopped taking anti-depressants 3,5 years ago. I still had huge depression, my girlfriend and I broke up and once - being very nervous at work - I bit my top lip so hard - (because of the exfoliative cheilitis) - that these spots came out.

I had exfoliative cheilitis my whole life but it never was a concern to me until I got fordyce spots. Each time you hurt the lips - a spot comes out - or dozen of them, so I can't even exfoliate the dead skin anymore. I had to wait for it to drop off on it's own.

To manage this condition I took the advice of #92305 and started applying Donovex (Daivonex in my case - it's the same, just different name) and I thought it does make a difference. Unfortunately the change wasn't so significant so I started using Batrafen but it only made my lips inflamed as ever and I think batrafen makes it worse for me.

Right now I'm about to go to the hospital, because beside of my lip condition I have stomach inflamation, prostate inflamation (which started before fordyce spots) and hiatus hernia - which started 6 years ago when I got very depressed.

I think, and not only me, but my psychologist and my main doctor, that my body condition is an effect of my Depression and while I'll be at the hospital, I'll have an appointment with a psychiatrist and I'll go back after 3,5 years to anti-depressants. I think that my fordyce spots came out because I quit the antidepressants on my own. I was stupid, my ex-girlfriend told me not to take them and I took her stupid advice. I don't know if anti-depressants will make the inflamations go away but due to my terrible condition - I mean my depression, which got a lot worse after having fordyce spots. I think this is the only way to cure my body. Depression can cause a lot more damage to the body than you think.

Things I'm doing right now:
- applying Daivonex on my lips
- not eating sugar, not eating fried food
- eating only natural stuff, prepared by myself - non ready to go food
- eating a lot of fish
- eating only chicken - mostly boiled chicken right now
- I'm not eating or drinking any dairy
- I'm noy eating any bread and also I quit eating ANY gluten

I should go on the hospitalization in about two weeks. I'll be taking many tests - my stomach and a lot of other stuff.
I'll let you know if anything comes out of the tests. I just wish there was any answer to my condition, so I'm doing all I can, even risking my job, cause I've been on sick leave a lot these days. But what's a life when you have to do a shitty office job and not doing what you love because of your Depression - in my case it's art. I gotta do everything I can guys. I'm also waiting for the sun because the past few years I've been avoiding it so much I think my body needs it like nothing else. I gotta do it...

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