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Telling my family and leaving my lips alone
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Published: 7 years ago

Telling my family and leaving my lips alone

Okay, I haven't posted on here in a long time. Basically, I've been dealing with this condition for about five years now by my estimation. Literally nobody that I know of thinks there is anything wrong with me. I've gotten by with peeling, licking, and moisturizing my lips.

In order to really notice that my lips weren't completely normal you would have to see them up close and know what to look for. People have definitely noticed that I've become introverted and like to be alone. They wonder why I never want to hang out or have lost touch with them. I've basically been coasting by and just existing for the past few years.

I decided for myself a long time ago that there wasn't some miracle cream or paste that would heal me. I know some people feel like there is some kind of cream or remedy out there that will heal them and that's fine. I don't believe it but I could very well be wrong. My personal opinion is that the leave it alone method is the only way to heal the lips.

I just know that I've done so much damage to my lips by peeling and licking them. The skin is trying to grow back and heal but I won't let it. I feel like letting it grow back is what the lips really need, not some cream. However, I'm in my college years. Leaving the lips alone didn't seem like an option for me. I felt like I couldn't just let my lips grow out and be in public like that for an extended period of time. I guess now though I've just taken as much as I can. I'm tired of being forced into seclusion by this condition. I've been telling myself that It's worth it to trade away a year or so of your life in order to get healed. I'd rather give away a year instead of being a slave to the condition my whole life.

I'm thinking of telling my parents about the condition tomorrow. I've got some money saved up, and I've been taking online classes. The big thing is I would be quitting my job, which is in fast food. There's just no way that I could work face to face with so many people and have this condition. I don't feel like people would want me handling their food either, not knowing what I have.

It's going to take a lot of understanding from my parents but I think it'll be okay. I know not everyone believes in the leave it alone method, but I think it's what I need. I also do feel like Daniel Miller's lips made significant progress while doing this method. I know in the end he says he isn't positive what healed him but I saw progress. If you start at the beginning of his pictures and cycle through him the change is pretty big. I'm sorry this is long so I'll wrap up.

One of the bigger things for me is going to be telling my friends about it.
I'm going to have to lay down my pride. I don't know why this condition is so embarrassing but it really is. For whatever reason I haven't wanted anyone to know about it for so long.

I hope someone else will be encouraged by this and want to do the same.

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