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Re: is this frostbite?
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Published: 7 years ago
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Re: is this frostbite?

dearest southern belle,

thanks for taking the time to help with my issue turns out,

instead of frostbite,

i had something called TRENCH FOOT

it's a condition common to soldiers who had to spend time in ditches, with their feet immersed in freezing or very cold water...

the top and bottom of the outer half of my foot had shriveled up, like when your fingers or toes get prunie after a bath or shower etc.,

but the tissue hardened over, and unlike after a bath or shower etc. the skin didn't go back to normal soon after as usual

to anyone else who might develop trench foot and read this, i hope u are able to get medical attention, but if u can't,

***i dont know that what i did really made a difference, and if my condition had been worse, maybe it wouldnt have helped, but i did the best i could...

i tried to use whatever herbal ingredients i had on hand -

i kept saturating strips of cotton with dmso, then using a dropper to apply comfrey extract, and ~clear iodine~ extract to the cotton, and, (i'm not sure if this helped, but i used everything that i could think of that i had on hand) a concoction called "peanut oil," which has peanut oil, sassafras and some other herbs...

i also brushed on tea tree oil in hopes to protect against infection...

i kept my foot dry - and out of the shower - for as long as i could for the first day or two, then dried my feet IMMEDIATELY and dressed the area with the dmso-comfrey-clear iodine-peanut oil soaked cotton and, covered with clean socks,

changed the dressing every day and sometimes twice a day, for two weeks -

i probably should have kept at it for longer, but it was difficult to keep up with. but i feel that two weeks did okay,

even though it would take much longer to heal,

maybe the dressing helped build the skin up at least enough that it build a bit of a layer of protection against infection, for example...

it still took quite a long time - trench foot is supposed to take up to 6 months to heal(!), but i think that mine healed in less than 3, and maybe all the stuff i put on it really helped(!)

important note if using dmso - if saturating cotton with dmso and then using a dropper to apply other liquids to the cotton,

please set aside something like a thick-folded cotton towel to rest the cotton on while u apply the other liquids to the cotton, because,

at first i was letting the cotton rest on my leg while i applied the other liquids and, after a few days i realized, i was getting a BURN from the dmso -

it was literally going thru my pants (and some of those pants, dress pants for work, were poly blend and, it was probably dissolving the poly and infusing it into my skin too! and it could also damage plastic, furniture, etc!) and causing a burn...

so then i started setting the cotton aside on a thick-folded towel when i was preparing the dressing...

also...the Iodine i used was clear - but the comfrey i used was brown, so it stained every pair of socks i used this dressing with, and also the insides of my shoes...

so you might want to use only dark colored socks or, only socks you don't care about (and that would go too for the towel for resting the cotton on)... i felt that the comfrey was important because it's supposed to have tissue healing effects...

whoever reads this, if u have trench foot like i did, i hope u are able to get medical attention, or at least i hope this info helps someone! god bless!

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