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Re: Im Having a swollen gallbladder because of obstructing neck lithiasis.. Is it worth to continue the gallbladder flush?

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Published: 9 years ago
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Re: Im Having a swollen gallbladder because of obstructing neck lithiasis.. Is it worth to continue the gallbladder flush?

Be very carefully because the fluid in the gallbladder is potentially infected and may cause vomiting or gastroenteritis.

If you decide to flush then you must bear in mind that most of the protocols are a therapy and not necessarily a gallstone removal potion. Even so the protocols are very powerful.

I would suggest using a sludge removal protocol which will be challenging for a first flush. You should tell someone exactly what you are going to do and have them close by just in case you need some help.

The protocol

The Epsom Salts solution needs to accurate and properly dissolved and it’s a good idea to make them couple of hours in advance with hot water and then let it cool to room temp. It is very bitter but it's no more than a couple of mouthfuls and it goes down quickly. This solution will not only dilate the biliary system it will contract the gallbladder fully.

The timing is also very precise.
You need 4 hours between the last food (which includes sodas, colas, and beverages) and starting the protocol for the stomach to empty and the biliary system to prime itself.

After drinking the first ES, the gallbladder will try to contract and then fill again. Taking the second ES after 1 hr 10 minutes will contract it again. As you can see you a pumping the gallbladder.

You can prepare the Olive oil and lemon juice but don't attempt to mix it until it’s time to drink it. It will sit in jar with the LJ on the bottom and OO (Olive-Oil) on the top. When you are ready to dink it just give the jar about 3 or 5 violent shakes and then drink it. Don't drink them separately as it alters the timing. The olive oil lines the stomach and slows down the process and you lose the impact.

As soon as you drink the potion lie on you left side so that the stomach and gallbladder are in the ideal position, facing down, using gravity, and you are also comfortable. Its a standard sleeping position knees bent, right knee over left. You will need to lay in this position for 40 minutes.

You can shift the whole protocol if you want but not the timing.

Eating simple low fat meals on the day of the flush. If you have a heavily sludged gallbladder then quite frankly preparation isn't important. I would suggest eating something like porridge for breakfast and pasta or for lunch on the day of the flush.

Normal Timing

4:10 PM Nothing more to eat
6:10 PM Nothing more to drink
8:10 PM Drink ES - 5 teaspoons of Epsom Salts in 3½ fluid ounces of water.
9:20 PM Drink ES - 5 teaspoons of Epsom Salts in 3½ fluid ounces of water.
10:40 PM Drink OO/LJ - 7 fluid ounces of olive oil and 7 fluid ounces of lemon juice.

Any time after 4:00 AM (or when you awake) you can drink a regular laxative, either 2½ teaspoons of Epsom salts in 6 fluid ounces of water or a proprietary magnesium citrate. Most people don't sleep very well.

Note: for your condition you should drink 2 doses of this laxative separated by 2 hrs to ensure the toxic fluid are out of your intestines soonest.

2 hours after the laxative you can start drinking and eating when you feel like it but keep the food low in fat. You may feel tightness in the upper abdomen later in the day as the liver struggles to make enough bile but it will pass. It will take a few days for everything to settle down but it is not any worse that you have been putting up with.

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