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Trapped in Perpetual Die Off
Ivan Sanchez Views: 2,712
Published: 7 years ago

Trapped in Perpetual Die Off

This all started back in June after a very stressful event of my wife and I going to 700 mi to my friends wedding, she flipped out out and made us drive all the way home with no sleep for 12 hours the night before the wedding and I was one of the groomsmen. In the days after this I started getting these little blisters on my palms and sides of my fingers. I looked it up and its dishydrosis one of the causes might, IS, candida. So I bought some Allicin C which I've used before and you guys need to check out because they take the stuff in garlic which has all the positive effects which is called allicin and make a pill that has 40 cloves worth of it in each one. It cleared it right up, no die off symptoms or anything. How could I have candida I eat ghost peppers for the endorphin rush and health benefits. Maybe it kills my good bacteria?

I started taking some good non-ionic colloidal silver. Then I realize taking the garlic and silver at the same time my symptoms match die off. No itching. I never remember reading about this awful sensitive skin feeling, like I have sand between my clothes and skin, reminds me of the way it felt coming off of opiates. It is from too much adrenalin, along with horrible anxiety and panic attacks that not even ativan can control, clonidine helps lower adrenalin . Also restless feeling in my arms.† 2 hours of sleep a night which is not good when you work with table saws and power tools in the days. Horrible liquid diarrhea for weeks, I keep reading about constipation, that would be great. The weird feeling in your head, like its expanding. No interest in life, or hobbies. Problem is I never changed my diet until this last week. I just found out that smoking is a no no, and I dip too, and all of the sudden there is no pleasure in smoking just gives my rapid hearbeat and anxiety so I quit with no withdrawal or anything, guess I just don't notice since I feel like crap. Got some good refridgerated probiotics. I dropped the silver and garlic, too intense and I'm finally sleeping, now my stools are just loose. Just avoiding sugar and watching my carbs. I did a coffee enema with, I don't know it just came to me, 8 grams of msm in it, and holy hell, the anxiety that it brought on because of all the crap in my liver coming out. But I felt better the next day so I did another one the next night, forgot to do one last night now today I feel crappy again.

The above is from a post on another candida website back in Oct.† which got no responses.† I sleep fine now have solid stools but still anxiety, not nearly as bad. I tried a go with the lufeneron and it definately works but sent me into a month long die off.† Now I've kept taking the silver, dropped all sugar but continue to eat carbs in moderation.† Every once in a while I will have a good week, then back to the sensitive skin where all your hairs rubbing your skin feels like sand in my clothes and restless arms. Will this never end, it is my understanding that you can't kill it by diet alone it will just hibernate you have to use something to kill it I have been using MMS and it causes die off too, and when I take MSM (not MMS) it causes die off probably from releasing built up toxins.† O yeah the other night I took a shot or two of vodka, which I thought how can that hurt, alcohol doesn't feed candida, candida makes alcohol.† The next day was extreme anxiety, shakiness, and the skin and restless feeling.† So that leads me to think you avoid alcohol because it sets you back from the alcohol withdrawal and that almost all the die off symtoms are just withdrawal.


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