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Success Requires the Following:
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Published: 7 years ago

Success Requires the Following:

Although the medical profession has reserved by law the word "cure" and informs the public that there is no cure and to keep giving up of their money cause the cure is around the corner, Although I can't state that this is a cure for AIDS/ HIV let me help you to restore your health !!!

The following should be successful to restore yourself from this challenge of "AIDS/ HIV"

Cannot do some of this, but if do all of it in combination.
For example, a plant needs which of the following..., water, sun, quality soil?
All of it, of course, can't pick one, and have to avoid floods, droughts etc and get bad things out of way too. Same with body!

Therefore, to be successful you will have NEEDS and things to AVOID

Learn about "LEAKY GUT SYNDROME" how to restore your gut lining which involves anti-inflammatory naturals, healing with GLUTAMINE, LICORICE especially. Use of OIL OF OREGANO or can also use PAU D ARCO to kill of any organisms- takes care of infection portion. Colon needs to be regular and not clogged/ constipated, so COLON CLEANSING.

Learn Liver Flushing to restore circulation, digestion of fats, and oxygenation and PH of body. Liver and Gallbladder needs to be unclogged. Quickest way to PH Balance body is to cleanse the organs and EAT PROPERLY. Learn acid alkaline foods in general and don't have to get too strict. Keep a balanced diet.

Learn about Acidosis, PH BALANCING body becoming acidic and breaking down, with immune, weight issues, fatigue - think alkaline batteries to keep energy.

Need for Probiotics, not in supplements but with fermented food, the king of is KEFIR - think baby survives on milk when we vilanise it because of the man-made process we do with it to turn it from a food to a potential allergen. Do it right way, look at "milk cure" Especially Kefir and organic Yogurt. Helps to provide nutrient dense food, generates B complex vitamins, cleanses body to cellular level, calcium rich, restores digestion, helps with elimination, etc. Drugs, medications and concentrated items in food can kill of these important micro-organisms that serve and protect you.

Apply topical OILS and take in good oils daily. Expecially Coconut Oil and Olive oil. Have antifungal properties - prevents yeast issues.

Many recreational drugs, including excess alcohol, and parasites, and this is multiple factors and not as simple ans blaming one retro virus for this issue / challenge of HIV/ AIDS.

If you address what's causing immune to lower and body to weaken overall holistically, you have your answer/ solution.

Drugs can cause not cure you of this condition. Look up dysentery. When an individual becomes poisoned/ toxic or has infections. Are those same symptoms of AIDS? Isn't that how we define the condition, having a set of those same symptoms then add "counts" into the mix with "science" Can Viral loads be foreign proteins of DNA & RNA matches from allergens in blood? These protein complexes that generate an immune response called "viral particles and HIV?" Only differing symptom may be skin changes that we are finding may be to chemicals entering into body like "popper" used as a sex aid, or maybe other chemicals that create those changes.

Think about it, if you give a health person radiation or chemo what do they get? cancer? How about blood pressure meds, same? Think about it, are we providing short term benefits for longer term failure? Is the medical profession actually creating more serious conditions long term by addressing all the challenges incorrectly aggravating and worsening the underlying true problem that's never taken care of the right way?

What the medical profession uses that is really natural, discovered from mold on cheese, is Antibiotics IF it is used appropriately! One must assure does not disrupt and replace the good organisms that the Antibiotics can destroy, since it kills both the good and bad organisms indiscriminately. Therefore, infections can be addressed naturally or if with use of Antibiotics , the right way without over medicating an individual to lower their immunity!

Again, I do health consults to help guide people with recovering their health challenges. Have seen many challenges over the last 15 years.

My hope is that you loosen your grip on fear of what you are told to believe and do your own research into how simple it can be to restore your health and gain that understanding to free yourself. There are many people that when the realize what it truly is, literally will sigh and take a deep breath and start crying in my office because they know they are going to be ok and that there is an answer to these seemingly complex problems.

I wish the same for you and your loved ones. There is no need to have vested interests undermine our health and well being. There are many ways to do things, let's support one another and stop competing, there's enough resources for all once we realize how efficient and simple and abundant life is!


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