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Re: Those of you with AF and candida - what treatment/diet cured you?
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Published: 9 years ago
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Re: Those of you with AF and candida - what treatment/diet cured you?

HERX rx which is almost inevitable when dealing with candida. What has worked for me was using chamomile tea (bag) as a tampon. I have used herbal tampons in the past to clear up my reproductive organs(blocked fallopian tubes after tubal reversal) which was 100 percent successful as i got pregnant after only 3 weeks (after 7 years of otherwise unsuccessful medical infertility tx.) Which is what gave me the idea as the pretreatment with those herbal tampons was a chamomile douche to loosen up and relax the tissues before treatment with the harder core herbs. The chamomile tea actually does something to allow me to push much more medication to treat the candida; i know this because yesterday for the first time in a few weeks i forgot to replace the tea bag tampon and today I was herxing so bad; It took me all day to figure out what was happening today that was different yesterday and after ruling everything else out; lowering my medication and taking charcoal which only had limited effect, I finally figured out that i forgot the tea/tampon and inserted it. I then was able to finally take a nap after trying for hours and woke up with no more symptoms at all. 100 percent back to how i felt yesterday! I know this is anecdotal but those are the best testimonies for me. I am tx myself with the miracle mineral and using it as a sort of enema; taking 4-8 drops activated drops with citrus acid diluted in 3-10ml of water so not a lot of solution and not cleaning out the whole bowel first as was recommended by its inventor; but is usually the reason most people quit this tx. but it works doing it this way and not having loads of liquid to get rid of bowel wise which would be so uncomfortable on a daily basis. THis tx does get to be harsh after a couple days and i just back off a bit until I feel better then go back to upping my dose; I only used an initial 1-2 drops in a 3ml of solution last night and woke up in the worse herx ever. I could not tolerate it and was so mad at myself; but am so glad i figured out the problem. TRy it it will not hurt you and hopefully will help. This should help no matter what u are using to kill the candida as it is working directly on the toxins that are slowing down your tx because no one likes to be in the herx; The goal of course is to use just enough medication to not cause herx but don't we all overdo it when we are seeing so much good improvement?

It only takes one or two extra drops of med to cause such a strong reaction so it can be hard to determine that u have crossed that line before it is too late.

Hope this helps:
other things that helps with herx; eating pears and apples both absorb the toxins and taking activated charcoal also absorbs the toxins. but absolutely hands down the chamomile tea inserted vaginally after running it under hot water for just 30 seconds or so to get the tea bag wet and activated (dripping with color) and then cooled before insertion is what helped me the most; any chamomile tea brand will work. You can first do a douche but it is not necessary. you can also use another tea bag; wet and heated then cooled and apply it directly to your skin on your outer belly where it hurts and this provides some relief too.

Keep up the good work; I too have tired Iodine and it does work but not as fast as miracle mineral 1 (originally called a malaria tx or cure which kills all sorts of pathogens viruses and yeast as well as cancer etc.) Ive been having many bowel movements with thousands of dead tiny parasites and many different types of worms that it is incredible; the worse so far though is the candida and the hookworms; Im overloaded with these two and seems to be never ending. It all started with getting rid of pin worms which it did so beautifully in just a few days as opposed to a month of the doctor tx which only touched the tip of the iceberg so to speak and i followed up with the miracle mineral and me and my children are doing much better and got all the pin worms out much quicker. sorry i went off on a tangent but it was all related in my case and may be in many others tx candida as well. I even had spaghetti length worms come out they were dead but i did feel them moving inside me for many weeks before it came out and never believed it to be worms at all just gas and pain. Im so glad i got rid of it; my temperament has gotten so much better and I no longer yell at my children and the nervousness that the toxins causes has also diminished to the point i was able to reduce my benzodiazepine medication down from 8mg of xanax a day to only .25 to .50 a day!!! my anxiety has also went down. ALl this due to toxins from the parasites and my dr was thinking it was all in my head! None want to think its from candida or parasites or anything they cannot treat. I also have been able to take much less pain medication as my pain has diminished a great deal. Not 100 percent but getting there!
Hang in there; your doing great!

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