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Re: rare case of adrenal fatigue?

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purplepixie Views: 1,287
Published: 9 years ago
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Re: rare case of adrenal fatigue?

Perhaps you have pancreas coupled with adrenal issues so you don't fit the 'normal' profile symptomatically for either diabetes or AFS, hence why symptoms seems almost contradictory for both conditions.

The low blood pressure matches up with your depressed morning cortisol response. The adrenal Aldosterone/renin/angiotensin axis response is responsible for blood pressure which with adrenal problems generally creates a lowered blood pressure.

Being hyperglycemic all the time does point to pancreas issues and i'm not sure what a naturopath can do for that if it's type 1 autoimmune diabetes. Is there a history of this in your family? It's certainly worth getting more tests done to determine why your blood Sugar is so high.

Insulin resistence normally produces high insulin levels, yet you say your levels are low, so your pancreas isn't even attempting to produce insulin to cut down your blood Sugar level - that's type 1 diabetes profile as oppossed to high insulin resistance type 2 diabetes.
My father is type 1 and i know from him how awful it feels to have high blood Sugar levels. lethargy and a 'horrible mouth' is how he describes it.
Have you been losing weight rapidly...and have excess thirst?

It's weird that just 10mg of DHEA created such an extreme reaction in you. I don't understand how DHEA can cause that unless you personally convert DHEA to testosterone, and already have high testosterone levels, creating very high testosterone which can cause anxiety, heart palps etc as testosterone can increase adrenalin production.
Yet like i said, 10mg shouldn't have THAT much of an effect that you describe so it's quite puzzling...wish i could be more helpful.

The heart palps and anxiety might be from a combination of low blood pressure and high blood sugar. My dad experiences that once or twice and equally ended up in ER with a racing heart etc.

Certainly try to keep an open mind about what's causing your symptoms as like i said above, it could be 2 seperate conditions creating symptoms that seem paradoxical for either condition when looked at separately...but are completely logical when you combine symptomatic effects of 2 conditions.

I have this myself, with adrenal and ovary issues, creating symptoms that don't seem to fit with any one thing.

Don't forget most symptoms fit many many many conditions, and guessing which condition you have and taking herbs/supps. for that condition might be a waste of time & money. Diagnostics can help narrow down the cause, and even enlighten us to problems we would not have known about from just symptoms alone.

It's wise to get pancreatic function tested by your doctor if possible, because being hyper all the time is definately not normal, especially in AFS.
You say you never had sugar issues until you developed AF...yet preliminary stages of AF of high cortisol can cause the liver to dump glycogen into the bloodstream, as that's one of the functions of cortisol. Yet in you you have low morning cortisol and high sugar..which points to pancreatic dysfunction. Maybe the AF made blood sugar issues more apparent that were there before the AF?
It's worth considering all angles.

Wishing you luck on your healing journey...the answer do come bit by bit - don't give up! :-)


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