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Been having symptoms for a few years, not sure if long term mold exposure?
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Published: 10 years ago

Been having symptoms for a few years, not sure if long term mold exposure?

Hey guys my name is Eric and im 25 years old.

over the past 2 or so years, ive been having crazy symptoms that no doctor has yet been able to explain. basically I went from someone who could eat anything and had boundless energy to someone who reacts to EVERYTHING that goes in my body, food / chemical / liquid it does not matter. On some level from a scale of 1 - 10 i receive some type of reaction that causes inflamation all over my body. Specifically in waves of heavy fatigue and serious business brain fog. This is relieved only by sleep and general lazyness, not that i have the energy to do anything anymore anyways. For the record i have been stool tested twice for Candida and both times showed a negative or within normal range so Im ruling that out, for now.

Whats gotten me scared is that my girlfriend, like right around the time of dating me developed chronic sinus infections that she NEVER had before. Around this time my allergies or reactions or whatever were developing, but i never linked the two because hers were sinus related and mine were food related. We decided to go on a Paleo diet together to clean up our acts thinking "hey we just arent being healthy, drinking and partying and what not" and we had a pretty noticable reduction in symptoms. Her chronic sinus infections went away, and my tonsils stopped getting infected, and my body stopped feeling like it had the flu every week. EVERY WEEK.

Things were good, until i started developed the condition im left with today. Recently, about a month and a half ago I moved out of my old house and moved into a new apartment with my girlfriend, this is the first time we have ever lived together, and this is when i started noticing things.

When she has wheat, or anything that is generally inflammatory like dairy, her sinus infections come back, her headaches come back. She has kind of similar symptoms that i have, only not nearly as severe. So i finally sat her down and I asked her when she felt this all started, what her prior experience with food allergy was, things like that. Surprisingly, they started right about the time she met me and was coming over the house all the time..

My line of thinking is this:

- Its something we are either both infected with (both HIV / Hep / STI free)

- Its something we were exposed to often in similar dosages.

Now i always suspected there was something going on at my original house, but i never got it looked at, but the house was INCREDIBLY dusty. Like clean it and all of a sudden its back to being dusty all over again. Towards the end of my time there i became concerned about mold exposure but never got it checked out. Now i see that a lot of my symptoms, and hers, are similar.

The only other factor i can think of is if my bed was exposed or has something going on with it. Her cats refuse to sleep in the bed, when they would sleep with her EVERY night, including when i would stay over. Without fail every night there would be there, and they havent slept one night on that bed since we moved. Secondly that matress has had some spillage on it, ive only had it for about 3 years, about the time this whole thing went down. What are the chances that the moisture and the dust created some kind of mold infection deep in the matress? Does that happen?

its one of those tempurpedic types.

Sorry for the brain dump guys, ive been sick for a long time, and this was a gigantic revelation for me when i realized my girlfriend is having and has been dealing with similar symptoms.

Is it possible this is left over mold exposure? Whacked out, over sensitive immune systems?

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