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Speaking of 108...

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charles obscure Views: 953
Published: 15 years ago

Speaking of 108...

Since this number seems to be brought up at this forum so often we all should know 108 is one of many numbers that symbolizes the precession of the equinoxes. We are currently at the peak of 3 of these 26,000 year cycles all about to culminate in the winter solstice of 2012. We are moving into the new age of Aquarius. The Mayan Calendar specifies this as the end of 'time' as we know it. What does this mean exactly? Some say annihilation of the planet, some say a complete shift to a higher consciousness, some say major global catastrophe, followed by a shift in consciousness. One thing can be certain, major changes will occur. They already are occuring on the earth and in our atmosphere. Weather patterns have changed radically (not just as a result of pollution as some would have you believe, but as a result of our current solar positioning) Nasa knows this but is keeping quiet about it.

Throughout history major happenings on earth can be traced to specific movements in the equinoxes...

On a side note here is some information about the pyramids since it seems to be a subject of interest:

The pyramids were created by the Atlanteans Ra and Thoth, in 10500 BC. Edgar Cayce confirmed this in a psychic reading (as well as acknowledging he himself was the reincarnation of the Ra spirit) In the years following the Cayce reading there has been a tremendous amount of geological and astrological evidence discovered suggesting the pyramids are exactly this old.

The pyramids incorporate sacred geometry and ether energy principles. (As well as technologically being far more advanced than anything we can reproduce to this day. 40-200 ton blocks cut with precision, raised hundreds of feet in the air, and placed in areas where only one or two men could access. Rock drilling ability 400 times more powerful than our most modernized tools, often times used in minute detail on pottery and statues. After analysis by modern experts 'space age technology' was the term used)

'Ether' energy is what the entire universe is made up of. Quantum physics has confirmed this, there are no particles, only waves, it is the 'law of one'. Seperation is an illusion. Every act commited in all time produces these scalar waves which travel a billion times the speed of light to the edges of the universe, thus all history is recorded in waves. Eastern religion refers to this as the 'Akasha' records, which many psychics are able to access. Zero point energy, or torsion waves, have been known about for many years, (Nikolai Tesla) but have been suppressed, largely for economical reasons. It is a 'free', non-polluting energy source.


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