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Re: I found out what Morgellens is!
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Published: 10 years ago
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Re: I found out what Morgellens is!

YOU will need, Dish detergent any kind ( Dawn is best, especially the lemon one or Lemon fresh Joy )
lemon juice ( squeezed and strained of seeds or bottled lemon juice fond at most supermarkets
salt ( any kind but rock salt) found at all supermarkets
DE ( if you can find it at HOME DEPOT, if not just use the salt.
liquid hand soap ( or a bar of soap grated and boiled into liquid, best is Irish spring oR peppermint soap or IRISH SPRING liquid soap.
hand sanitizer, any kind at dollar store
2 spray bottles
plastic bags( supermarket plastic bags or any big enough trash or garbage bag to store clothes in.
rubbing alcohol 70-90% for quick kill around bed and mattress
Vasoline ( Or any cheap petroleum jelly) TO put on gential area and anus.
nail clippers and something to get under fingernails and toenails and sides of all body nails. Feet must be kept clean, especially under and sides of toenails.
Athlete's foot cream(I use this for itching feet and scalp.
bottled water case ( 4 dollars, to drink and cap off, so bugs don't get inside bedside drink at night.
multivitamin ( so I lack, I eat poor due to bugs all over.
vicks vapo rub or ant camphor jell( to stop insects getting up my nose or mouth
Flip flops or plastic shoes sandals, to easily wash off stepped on bugs and keep dirt off of my feet.
VACUUM cleaner to pick up bugs on floors and rugs, throw out bag in plastic bag or store in plastic bag and freeze until next use
I also have raid in the blue trigget bottle, for a residual left on vacuum and a squirt in bag to kill bugs.
A sponge mop( to clean floors with soap and water and spread raid around.
I clean everything with soap and water. I use a few drops of dish detergent in wash and a capful
of lemon juice, put in dryer and store in plastic bag SO BUGS dont get in. Iron clothing, if you have time. That will ensure all bugs are killed. Many times, I do not iron. keep all dirty clothes in plastic bag until wash, throw out bag outside or tie up and place in garbage. I spray all around bed with rubbing alcohol and mattress. Kills easily. I spray lemon juice in water in spray bottle. About capful arond sheets, my feet and hair and bedside area. Lemon is a detractant for bugs. I take a shower with soap and water on a dollar store web ball to scrub. I spray down with lemon spray. clean and scrub my feet with soap and water and go under nails with toothpick and sides of nails. ugs hide here. I PUT on athletes foot cram and socks and flip flops. wash feet three times a day and flip flops. I Put petrol jelly on anus and all gential area. Bugs cant get in. Sray hair after shower with lemon spray. If my scalp itches, I wash it with soap and rinse with lemon juice and rinse and spray. Removes all bugs from hair. I put down salt on all furniture and carpets, corners and edges are a must. Vacuum and put down more salt. clean everything with soap and water spray wipe with paper towel and spray with lemon spray. Rubbing alcohol s good kill at night when you cant sleep from bites. spray all over bedding and floor by bed, spray your hair if you have to or put a little bit of the hand sanitizer on bite, and use often to clean your hands. Look, I moved in to take care of my elderly mother, the house is old and a mess. I know I will have to take much time to get it organized and clean, so one step at a time. I need to set up mouse traps. I have thoroughly cleaned out some rooms, but have a far way to go. Since I employed these methods, I ONLY GET A FEW BITES, NOT THE STABBING ONES, but the little ones get big fast and hurt. I was being tortured at night by numberous stabbing btes, that left scars. i had several exterminators, doctors, specialists telling me this stuff is dirt and I AM DELUSIONAL. They did notice the bites and told me t s something in the environment biting me, even diagnosed by a specialist as scabies. Cream did not work. I even went and got mosquito netting, did not work. THESE DAMN FLEAS ARE SO SMALL AT TIMES. went and bought a 100x mag glass and noticed that every time I itched, I found a black speck. My fingers would burn and then my scalp would kick in, like I was on fire! would run and wash my hair and see black specks. On magnification, saw black specks under my nails, in bed and all surfaces. Severe infestation. The black specks almost always have a thread sticking out of them. I found black flies by toilet, which have a violent bite, and found a leaking pipe in the house. I stopped using the master shower, less fles. I put dishsoap in the toilet tanks and down all drains every night, big improvement. So, I believe this roblem is from an insect and its predator and so on and so forth, the whole damn circle of life. Bugs bring illness and to assume that this is just from one insect is denying the natural order of things. But, I need to break the chian and I believe it is the flea. I have seen a few hopping around in the shell and some very small adults. I have mouse crap n the attic and basement, so I know have much work to do and sometimes do not have time or any desire to clean, but if Want to sleep that night, I spray around the rubbing alc. and spray the raid on the floor( it has no smell) and mop it around. IT works well to pull through the night. Good Luck to you, and make positive to go for walks or a drive to get out of the house and not let this thing eat you up and going insane over it. I know that a clean and organized environment will only be a positive thing. This will come to pass and we will be better people because of it.
Prayers for you, Somee

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