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Re: I found out what Morgellens is!
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Published: 10 years ago
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Re: I found out what Morgellens is!

I know my problem is a mouse flea. Tiny black biting specks. I also had black flys that hang out around water areas. The black mouse fles hops in an incasted red or blue fiber ball spun around with with other fibers and even hair. I found Gordian knots are made along the fibers as the insect spins them. Then they put a hard debris shell around it, cemented around it with saliva. The whole thing hops, vibrations and hoping allow the shell to break and a tiny worm comes out to
make another bigger shell as it grows. At one stage they need blood to survive. THEN emerges as a gnat like wingless insect that hops to find a mate, lay eggs in the cocoon and cover it with black like debris. The flea pulls loads of lint to it to begin the cocoon. They naturally will hang out where the food is. Sometimes inside wounds to bringing the cocoon fibers with it. I believe these black specks are imbedded in some people and out immune system my also break down some shells and all one sees is the fibers and or the worms. The granules that many have and different things coming out of the skin must be the many bacteria, molds and fungus that these dirty fleas inject into people from the bites, or from the germs on the legs into wounds. The flea caused the Bubonic PLague that killed thousands and cases were even found in the USA last year. The mouse and or rodents sustain multiple bites and die, which bring n all sorts of cadaver insects and more germs.
If you run a high fever or have large lumps in you skin, this needs hospitalization.
I wrote a message on what to say if you need to go to the hospital because you have had it with all the suffering. Do not mention bugs, unless you run a fever. If you have a fever, tell them you were bitten by a flea. If you just are desperate for help, read my other message. Let them to come to the conclusion that this is parasitic. I wrote about how to go about this, since I am a nurse.
clean my clothes in lemon juice and dawn dish detergent, no laundry detergent, but use fabric softener on rinse cycle. I ALSO SPRINKLE SALT ON CARPETS if you do not have DE. I clean everything with soapy water and a dash of lemon and spray everything down with lemon spray, including myself. The bugs hate lemon. Bleach does not kill them.
one method to see if you have the mouse flea--- get a container, fill with boiling water, add dash of dish detergent and shine a bright light on t in the area n which you sleep, n a corner near you. The flea s drawn to the hot water and light will jump in and drown. Try for a few times in different corne areas. f you see black specks, some cant be seen without magnification, but some you will see. You will know if you have the culprit.
know many doctors and etymologists must be looking at empty
shell cases, saying it is dirt.
Did the CDC do chemical testing on the shells, did they collect many specimens to see f a worm was inside? Dd they not use night cameras to monitor peoples homes to see these black specks? Dd they even witness a suffer at home and seethe signs of the threads? Did they take apart clothing AND EXAMINE? Was a forensic entomologist and microbiologist and pathologist even involved?
I suspect the CDC of misuse of funds. Who is in charge? Who got paid and how much for what work done?
Something is very wrong at the CDC. If had a good lab and could hire the specialists I need, I would find out exactly what the initial cause of what I believe to be many different pathogens being exhibited by the bIte of the original pest, the flea, most likely a mouse flea.
AGAIN THIS IS ONLY MY OPINION BASED ON MUCH RESEARCH IN MY HOME and on Myself. You may have something else or another opinion, which I do respect and wish that all will get well. Through many opinions and seeking, we working together in a team spirit, supporting each other, can move mountains! sincerely,

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