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Re: I found out what Morgellens is!
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Published: 10 years ago
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Re: I found out what Morgellens is!

Clean everything with soapy water, walls, rugs, curtains, underneath and behind appliances, every inch of the toilet and also inside tank and tank lid. Forget bleach, lysol, ammonia especially vinegar. Vinegar is used to attract many insects. Just soapy water on several rags. Keep emptying bucket as water gets dirty. Wear plastic gloves. Do not dust with a feather duster, only spreads things. Rent that store steamer if you have carpets, but only use soft soap of any kind, Dawn is great. Just a few drop and it eats at the bugs shells. I spray everything down with a mist of lemon juice, like 10 drops or a capful per spray bottle. Just a very very light light mist, so don't ruin my wood furniture. Bugs hate it. In the laundry when is a chore in itself, because I change sheets everyday, never wear clothes more then once before washing, put in plastic bags then it rubber maid tub. Nothing can get in. I use either antibacterial soap on me to shower and hair and in washing machine I use the dawn and a sprinkle of salt, 5-10 gtts(drops) of leamon juice. I wash on cold cycle, too high a bill with so much hot water. Cold water kills them as does the Dawn or other soap. I never mix clothes with sheets and never put too many clothes in the wash at one time. I want to get a nice rinse and yes I use fabric softener. Any kind. If the clothes develop too many lint balls, I throw them out. It helps to turn them inside out, for the bugs in the lint balls. They camo themselves in all sorts of organic debris. Most of the black specks,I have, are just an outer coating shell, they glue on themselves to look like dirt. Oh yes, wrap all toilet paper in plastic bags, they love to eat it. And are all over the paper towels too. So, when you go to wipe they cling onto your pubic area for a blood meal, then drop off into your underwear or down your leg or hide in your anus until you go to bed to come out and eat. Insects are cold blooded and must reach a certain body temp to move. They are active at certain times because they either have sensed your body temp decrease during your bodies sleep cycle and or their own disgusting needed temp. Also, most insects relay messages by pheromone signals and vibrations they sence. So for women this can get very complicated and individual based upon our cycles and including lunar cycles. I think everyone knows that lunar cycles effect mammal and insect activity. We all know that we have changes in hormonal levels. That is why some people in the home get sick and some do not.
Tell me, what in heck is wrong with the CDC? Are they not educated enough to work there? Is there an employee shortage, poor equipment, poor management? Or did someone take the money and run? I bet you that the CDC is corrupt. Someone is putting money in the pocket and doing bogus lab work and spitting out a failure report, passing it off as work done well. We should pay them a visit and demand government to investigate. Lets find out who is in charge and go viral on them. Bombard the net that the CDC is corrupt pass it on with a names of the big cheeses. It is always the squeaky wheel that gets greased! They do think people will step forward because of embarrassment about bugs? We can go viral under our screen names. People we are fed up, so shout out you tech savvy suffers!
OK, just got pissed off, another bite.
Many paper products have specks in them, they are recycled and look just like the bugs under magnification. So, I buy bounty or scott and baby wipes to clean. Do not flush the baby wipes, you will ruin your plumbing, just throw the paper and wipes in a plastic shopping bag and tie it up and put in a squirt of a spray of soapy water to kill anything first. I go around every night with my two bottles and I mist down everything in the bathroom with soapy water. Do not slip in the bathroom, be careful! I spray garbage's, sinks toilets, shower, tubs. On kitchen counter and fabric and upholstery I spray
a fine mist of the lemon spray. I use boric acid from the dollar store or Borax inside couch and carpeting. I sprinkle it on, like you would use carpet fresh, but always get the edges of everything. I spray the lemon spray under the bed, not the floor that gets borax or soapy water mist, but the underside of the mattress. I found many black specks hiding underneath the bottom of furniture and beds. Spray, after you clean, when time allows, behind pictures, ceilings. Wash under counter tops, under tables and legs of chairs, and fans and all vents need to be cleaned with soapy water then sprayed with lemon spray. I found specks hiding between the toilet and wall and on the water line. I took an old toothbrush and found specks all around base of toilet and where it sits on the floor, the knobs on the sides of the toilet. I have to get to open draws and wash with soapy water and spray. I have yet to do all shelving paper or replace it. I think you get the story, everything needs to be cleaned with soapy water and sprayed with lemon juice. Spray drains at night. I have to get to cleaning books off and put away in plastic. Like an OCD clean person you have to be to get these things under control then your immune system has a chance to repair. In my case, it seems that the specks are everywhere..inside CD cases, lamps especially the bottom where it sits on table. I wash kitchen floor with soapy water then I use RAID in the blue trigger bottle for all tile floors or ceramic floors. If you have hardwood floors, they hide in the cracks and come out at night. So I wash and dry after soapy water then use the raid and use the mop to spread a very very thin layer, once a week. If you see that your wood floors are getting ruined, you are getting them too wet. Then spray with lemon juice fine fine mist all over the place. I spray myself down after a shower with the lemon juice too. Watch for the bottom of your shoes too, these damn things are all over everything. I just take a multi vitamin, no special diet. One more thing, wash your feet if you can, several times a day and put on athletes foot cream after you scrap out under your toenails. In my case, the feet have to be very very clean always. They are between the toes and nails. Clean with a dollar store fingernail brush under your hand nails every time you wash your hands. If I feel an itch, I use the antibacterial dollar store gel and rub it in the spot. I spray the Raid all outside foundation of house and garage and corners of garage and doors leading inside. Spray inside shoes after you wipe then down inside and out. It is a horrible amount of work, but you can do it on the cheap. If things get real bad and you just do not or cant clean for a day or so, spray rubbing alcohol all over the bed area, and spray burts bee insect repellent or deet on yourself before going to bed. As I am progressing with the cleaning, things are getting better, but I just got a small bite now, the sun is coming up here. They usually get me sunrise and sunset. I still have tons of cleaning to do and organizing to do while I am at it. Throw out any vacuum cleaner bag after each use on the street from the house for the garbage man to pick up. Dont keep it in a trash can. I soap spray the plastic garbage bag and then put in vacuum bag and squirt elmers glue on the opening of the vacuum bag. I wash out the washing machine with a capful of lemon and let it fill up and rinse. The attic has to be sprayed with Raid and cleaned up of crap. It is like am moving out and cleaning everything as I pack. I sleep on an air mattress from Target for 14.99. I have two on top of each other, I can wipe them down with soapy water. I found that when I had a good dust mite cover that the specks were all chewing through it, under magnification. Also iron all clothing before you wear it if you can. The car and trunk needs to be sprayed with raid and sprinkle Boric acid on carpet or Borax. Let it sit do not vacuum it. It seems to get out of hell I have to do a whole lot of hell. At least my home will be super neat and very clean. These bugs are in our environment and in us. It makes sense to me to get them out of the environment and spray a residual, than my body will have a chance to recover itself. Remember the feet! For anyone who reads this....If you can get a hotel room for a few days or one night it would be good for a respite. If you are suicidal, please read one of my messages on what to do. If you can get your doctor to scr1pt you klonopin for a while, it is a long lasting trank, like xanax, but lasts longer, get it so you do not have a nervous breakdown. Tell him a sob story that you cant relax about something, like perhaps a witness stand thing, custody battle, menopause trip, saw bad accident now afraid to drive ect.... He will scr1pt it, so you can relax a bit. Do not mention bugs!!!!! We all know where that goes. Also do not say you are suicidal unless you really are, cause they can have you committed for 72 hrs under surveillance. I can not tell you to lie to your doctor so use your own judgement. Everything I wrote is in my case, it may well not be they way for anyone else. This disease( what I believe to be many different and combined diseases caused by the muti types of viruses, bacteria fungus and molds that the insects bite carry from its host, a rat or other rodent, and the genetic makeup of the personal immune system and DNA, manifests itself). Again just my opinion from several years of research on myself and my environment. If someone does not want or cannot do a great clean then you could purchase a mouse from a pet store, and let it get attacked and die. Then get another mouse and again, till you capture and throw out the main flea or beetle that started all this. It is ironic that I believe the intermediate host is a rodent and yet to purchase a mouse for this reason is most likely cruelty to animals. They feed mice to snakes. I really should not suggest this because I cant do it. It would make things clear for people who may be stumped to see if it is the same thing I have. The mouse will be dead in 24 hours, covered with hopping fleas! Then spray the hell out of the cage with raid. Then back to the pet store, till it is gone. would kill a mouse before I would kill myself! Just my opinion, free speech
and all.
gots to go, pen again. Somee

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