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Re: Mattresses
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Published: 8 years ago
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Re: Mattresses

Thank you all for your feedback. I am still gathering info., but I thought some of you may be interested in a thread from the Yahoo Iodine group. In case you're not a member there, I'll cut and paste the thread...

P.S. My own story very much relates to Charity Simpson's posts in the thread.


Hi All,

I have been trying to minimize the halides in our beds, and I was wondering
about this Tempur-Pedic foam pillow that I use for my head. Itís contour shape
helps to prevent chronic pain in my shoulders and upper back. However, I canít
seem to find out from the manufacturer if it is actually made with PBDEís or
other undesirable chemicals or halides. Does anyone know the materials used to
produce Tempur-Pedic pillows or beds? IĒm looking for an alternative contour
pillow for my head.



Hi Lynne, I was concerned about this too. We bought our tempur pedic bed last
fall and I love it but have had a lot of symptoms. I traded the free pillow for
a buckwheat pillow which I LOVE! It is the best thing Iíve ever used for my
neck. As for bromide in the bed, I bought an organic mattress cover like for
dust/ mites, so I hope it is reducing our exposure. Amazon carries these items.
Amanda Grace

Hi Amanda,
I was thinking of getting a mattress cover. I have a sellect number bed, and
itís mostly air, but it does have some foam on the top. Only thing is, Iíd have
to get it from the sellect Number Bed Company, since there are air tubes coming
out of my mattress, and a regular mattress cover wonít fit around the tubes.
I believe that I actually have a couple of buckwheat pillows in the
closets. Iíll have to look for them!

This might offer an interesting comparison:

Hi Amy,

Yes, that was very interesting and informative! Thanks for posting it!

I finally did get an answer from Tempur-pedic, but I donít know if I can
trust the honesty of it. The customer service representative wrote to me to say
that Tempur-pedic pillows do not and have never had fire retardants in them.
They have never used any PBDEís, even before 2005, when it was banned. Somehow
itís difficult to believe that they donít put any fire retardants in

Do you think thatís possible?


I know this is veering off Iodine but can I please ask where and how did you trade the pillows? I use one of them as well and it never seems to cradle my neck properly (I have severe scholiosis and my neck bends ďthe wrong wayĒ). I have 2 of the pillows and would love to trade them for something actually comfortable for me.

None of my family (husband and two dogs) were hypothyroid until we got a
Tempur-pedic mattress. Within 6 months on that bed I was very sick and
continued to get sicker. Complete brain fog, zero energy, goiter,
swollen lymph nodes for over a year, exercise intolerance (my adrenals
went too). It took us 4 years to figure out that the bed was making us
sick, but by that time all four of us were hypo. I started to feel
better as soon as that bed was out of the house. I no loner have brain
fog or swollen nodes. I still have a goiter and we all still take NTH,
but Iím no longer a zombie. I had horrible detox symptoms when I
started to take Iodine and Iím currently covered (like someone sprinkled
pepper over my whole body) with tiny cherry angiomas from the bromide

So donít believe the lady at Tempur-pedic. I did research a year ago and
they wonít divulge their chemical mix for their flame retardants, but
whatever it is, it attacks the thyroid and quite possibly the adrenals.


Wow, Charity, that is very interesting that you say all this. My health too has
drastically gotten worse over the last few years and all this after getting a
Tempur-pedic! I have gone severly hypo and my adrenals are very weak. I also
have cherry angiomas all over my body (some not so small). I have not slept on
that mattress in almost 5 months, but now I also have a Tempur-pedic pillow
Thanks for making the connection. I would never have thought to look at my

I have been taking Iodoral for a year and a half and I donít seem to notice much
improvement. Maybe that is due to the mattress?


May I repost this to my MS group? There is a lady on there who is getting ready to buy a new bed and she has mentioned interest in tempur-pedic

Iíve slept on a Tempur mattress and a different brand memory foam too over the
past 12 years or so and though they smell at first, if you leave windows wide
open daily when new the smell quickly subsides.
I also air it all day by not bothering to make it up till late and vaccuum it
with a hand vac pretty much daily.
I didínt get any symptoms such as described and am doing the Iodine Protocol
right now.
Iíd never give up my Tempur because it completely stopped lower back pain with
days of first use and I dont believe that used carefully it poses a problem in
absorbing chemicals. Actually, where prior to using mine Iíd had sensitivities
and nasal congestion, subsequent to itís use they have almost all gone away.
Flame Retardants are everywhere in the environment and cant be avoided Iím
Jenny (I am in the UK however and it may be a less toxic mix used here) :>)

You may cross post as much as you like. The more people who know that
the huge amounts of flame retardants in their beds can make them sick
the better. We ended up getting a 100% botanical latex bed and pillows
(no petroleum) with a cotton and wool cover so that there were no
chemical flame retardants required.

My body doesnít detox well and I wonder if Iíll ever be able to detox
all of this bromine. Iím taking 50mg of iodine and working up to 100.
The saddest part is that I lost 5 years of my life and at 40 will likely
be too old to have a baby by the time Iím healthy again, if I ever get
healthy again.


Thank you. And donít give up on having that babyÖI had my one and only at 43. He is now 14 going on 40
Last night I ditched my memory pillow in favor of a good olí fashioned one and actually slept much better, I am going to get some buckwheat hulls and make myself a pillow and one for my son.
I am on 10 drops of 7% and am doing well. I take it in heavily salted water. My only ďproblemĒ is I usually have to go soon after taking it, better then coffee! My son takes 4 drops (at 14 he is 5í8″ and about #170 so I think thatís the appropriate dose) We donít take it every day, most days yes but we take some days ďoffĒ, no particular reason but it seems to be working for us ÔĽŅ ÔĽŅ
~*~ Hugs ~*~ Akiba ~*~

You are correct that being in the UK makes a difference; much less
toxic. Europe banned a lot of the nastiest flame retardants years before
the U.S. There is a big movement right now on banning flame retardants
here. So as usual, years behind Europe. The bed I had was purchased 6
months before they took the nastiest of the retardants off the market.

While flame retardants are everywhere, I wasnít sick before I got the
bed (we have no carpet, only leather furniture which doesnít allow
nearly as much contaminated dust to escape). I had my thyroid and my
dogís thyroid levels done prior to getting the bed, as a coincidence
(basic health panel). Neither of us was hypo. 6 months after getting the
bed, both of us were. I felt sick right away, but thought is was
something else ( food allergies /sensitives). Within 6 months of getting a
2nd dog, she too became hypo. My husband felt sick right away too, but
didnít admit it or go to the doctor for a year. Doing searches on
memory foam beds in the U.S., you will find lots of other stories like
this (even infants stopping breathing from being placed on a foam bed,
horrible). Based on how much better we all feel since getting a bed
without flame retardants (my brain fog that had lasted 4 years was gone
in a few weeks), I have no question it was the bed that made us sick. We
often wondered if we were allergic to something in our old house since
we always felt better if we got out of the house for a few days. We now
have a latex bed (no petroleum or flame retardants) and it is only
slightly less comfortable than the Tempur-pedic.

I was on iodine for the last 2 years that we had the bed and had
horrible detox symptoms. Not until we got rid of the bed did the detox
symptoms start to subside. I could go on and on with how things have
changed for the better. Luckily you arenít having the same experience. I
wouldnít wish it on anyone.


There is a federal law in effect now that requires mattress manufacturers to add
flame retardant to new mattresses sold in the US. They donít put a label on the
mattress that tells what chemicals were used, so it could be any number of toxic
substances including a bromine or arsenic based substance. The only way around
this is to get a prescription from a doctor or chiropractor for a non chemically
treated mattress and have one custom made, at a much higher price, of course.

Check the internet for manufacturers of special order non chemically treated
mattresses. Anything you buy in a store is going to have flame retardant
chemicals in it.

Do you know when this law went into effect? Would mattresses manufactured before the law went into effect have flame retardants on them?


I would google it to find out.

Stephanie Buist, ND HC


I found a memory foam contour pillow from Essentia, a company that does not use
any toxic chemicals in their mattresses and pillows.

However, when I googled about whether or not Tempur-pedic pillows have flame
retardants or toxic materials in them, I could not find any article that would
give me that answer. Iím assuming that there ARE toxic materials in their
pillows and I ordered an organic, natural one from Essentia. Canít wait to get


Is there also a law that requires manufacturers to add flame retardant to foam
pillows? Just curious, because the cs representative from Tempur-Pedic told me
that they donít use flame retardants in their memory foam pillows and never
have! I still find that difficult to believe, though.


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