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where to begin...? INFLAMMATION, SICK....and so many ""cures""
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Published: 10 years ago

where to begin...? INFLAMMATION, SICK....and so many ""cures""

Hello friends

Ok...In a nut shell I have that overall candida feeling - runs in the family - You know all the horrible feelings that you get when you eat too much sugar..

BUT - I'll be honest - what led me to change is that after years of anti-biotics for treating urinary tract infections, I now have an inflammed epidymis (little cord on top of the testicle that transports sperm - BOTTOM LINE = painful/tender testicle at times constant urninary infections symptoms and so on..

so my doc says "sorry pal" chronic inflammation" ...."no cure"......"here take some more Doxycycline for the inflammation" I say if its just inflammation why do the Antibiotics work better than ant-inflammatories ( I suspect underlying issue is still infection)...he says something that doesnt make sense and hands me a scr1pt for more Antibiotics !!!

PAINFULLY and HOPELESSLY I leave his office...

I am happy to be here: I truly believe the answer is here! (thank you friends!!)

1. I am going to start eating really clean and stick with it like my dad and sister - really clean and educate my self alot!!!

2. do you think this inflammation is cureable? do you think it is just chronic like he says OR underlying bacteria / fungus issues?

3. whare to start...? There are so so so many ideas on this I treat the inflammation or the candida? do I treat them both the same...? Is a candida diet the answer OR do I need:

MMS, Colloidal Silver , Iodine, chelation.....ionic silver.... parasite cleanse, liver cleanse, chinese herbs... and so on....? Do I just start trying random things or is there a systematic - ALL INVCLUSIVE approach? do I need all of these cleanses and if so....which comes first..?

I suspect healthy eating is the way to go BUT I have painful inflammation and candida as well......


thank you all friendS - the answer is out there!!


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