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Reasons for candida always returning
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Published: 10 years ago

Reasons for candida always returning

There are two basic reasons for candida returning, mainly caused by people misunderstanding the actual behaviour of candida. The reasons are as follows  

* Candida is a di-morphic organism. It can morph and change into two quite separate and distinct organisms -- which are differnt behaviourally, locationally and structurally -- comprising a yeast form(saprophytic) and a fungal form(parasitic) that can happily co-exist with each other. Therefore people who think that they just have intestinal candida or just skin candida or just mouth candida or just vaginal candida etc  as the yeast form simply do not realize that these yeast forms may well be direct symptoms  or expressions of the more widely disseminated (outside the intestines!) fungal or systemic form of candida. So treating just the yeast form in the intestines or just treating it topically wont get rid of it -- because you haven't gotten rid of the systemic form already infesting your blood, tissues and organs.That's why your candida keeps coming back!! 

* Candida, in whatever form is always, always always multi-associated with other mixed-species(bacteria, virus etc) as co-infections. That's why no two candida sufferers will ever have the same symptoms and that's why doctors have such difficulty spotting candida in their diagnosis. 


I cured myself of systemic candida 6 years ago using alternative protocols. These protocols took on the following strategy:

* Avoid using antibiotics. Antibiotics are one of the top causes of dysbiosis in the body -- a malady and reason that is well known to encourage the persistence, virulence and spread of candida as well as encouraging the spread of other pathogen problems throughout the body.

* Directly attacking, killing and removing candida and all other involved pathogens(co-infections) in the body. These anti-pathogen protocols should be selected and employed  to act as wide spectrum and fast  pathogen killers -- that can kill fungus, bacteria, viruses and mycoplasma quickly -- while at the same time having the ability to act throughout all regions of the body (not just acting in the intestines) for a fuller effect in order to kill and eradicate both the fungal and yeast forms of candida as well as to efficiently kill and remove all the other associated pathogens that may also be involved.

* Removal of heavy metals and other poisons that have accumulated in the body over time. Apart from greatly depressing and weakening the immune system and liver, heavy metals are a well known part of the building material that candida uses to construct biofilms -- so heavy metals removal from the body will also help to expose candida and other pathogens by promoting a reduction in biofilm formation that would normally help to protect and hide various pathogens from the body's immune system.

* Using other focused protocols with specific surfactant properties on a daily basis which effectively act to continually disrupt, dissolve and dispel the biofilms in which candida and other mixed-species pathogens can reside, hide and protect themselves. By doing this, both the candida and other involved pathogens will be completely flushed out and naked with nowhere to hide. Once completely de-cloaked and exposed in this way, the candida and pathogen attack remedies can then be more effectively and actively employed to kill and remove the offending  candida and other pathogens more easily, efficiently and quickly.

* Alkalizing the body on a daily basis to counteract and neutralize the body acidity caused by anaerobic pathogens -- including candida; also to help remove toxins and to help resolve malabsorption issues in the body. Alkalizing also disrupts biofilms, helps to kill candida and counteracts and neutralizes acidosis and does a myriad other beneficial jobs besides.

* Using daily protocols that actively flush out heavy metals, halides(Chlorine, Fluorine and Bromine) and other poisons from the intestines and body quickly.

* Specifically neutralizing candida mycotoxins in the body on a daily basis in the protocol. Orion Truss identified 79 mycotoxins as dangerous waste products from candida in his book Candida: The Missing Diagnosis. Many of these dangerous candida mycotoxins are also carcinogenic, whose accumulated presence in the human body is extremely debilitating for the candida sufferer both mentally and physically and which, as a consequence, tends to greatly lower the immune system's capabilities and effectiveness.

* Strongly supporting the nutritional and excretory pathways of the body – viz the intestines, liver and kidneys, to help in assisting and reducing the inevitable detox and candida herx or die-off effects so that the blood is quickly purified and healthy again. This is why a simple but wide ranging liver support protocol is also neessary in any anti-candida protocol.

* Supporting and strengthening the immune system and body terrain with vitamin and mineral nutrients that are always lacking in the Western processed food diet. Candida hates a healthy alkaline body with a strong immune system.

* Strictly following an Anti-Candida Diet.

Whatever Anti-Candida Protocols you decide on must therefore -- in a nutshell -- comprise the following strategies:

Anti-Candida and Anti-Pathogen Protocols

Anti-Biofilm Protocols

Alkalizing Protocols

Essential Detox Protocols

Liver Support Protocol

Vitamin and Nutrient Support (Immune System Support)

An Anti-Candida Diet

If anyone thinks that they can cure their systemic candida problem(without it returning again and again) by taking just antifungals and antibiotics as doctors recommend, then I'm afraid that that strategy will get you nowhere if you already have systemic or fungal candida. And if your candida problems have existed for years or even decades -- then you will probably have both the yeast and the systemic or fungal candida form as well. And, believe me, you wont be able to cure your systemic candida problem by taking two pills in the morning and two pills in the evening. 

You will have to work much harder than that for an outright cure where candida stays gone.




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