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Re: My Morning Sky!! (PICS INCLUDED)
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Published: 17 years ago
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Re: My Morning Sky!! (PICS INCLUDED)


You need BOOK II and my persoal video on this subject!

Your life is changing "FAST", you will never be the same!!!! Your going to be teaching all you meet before you know it.

I will show you BOOK III while your hear, something only a very select few have seen, less than 6 and you will be made aware of whats up with this world in a way that will FREAK YOU OUT and you will return home with the wisdom that can save your and disel's life.

You are entering a world of emlightenment at an early age, it will make you seem weird to those who knew you last year! They will fear what you talk about because they lack the wisdom to accept such things.

When you see the things that are happening and learn your life is 1/2 over according to the ones who seek it to be, your priorities in life will be changed for ever. Only by education/wisdom can you avoid the traps and beat the system.

99% of the adults IGNORE the truths their eyes can see, their fears makes them shut their eyes as the predators sneak closer and closer for the kill.

You are differant. Most likely a monk will visit you someday, even if you never know it at the time or as in the days of Paul, the monks are watching your life from thousands of miles away, Ya just never know what can happen once your eyes are opened and you just can't keep quite about the joys your experiencing!!!!

You are a student that is acting like all the students should have been acting like, I know you have the will to learn, while many of the others fear BOOK I and BOOK II frightens them badly.

One good student can teach thousands as you have been doing via the curezone in a very short time. Just think if I had only 100 students that believed what their eyes have proven to them as you are experiencing, those 100 could teach/reach millions and the curezone could reach new levels that could change the world for the better.

When you leave, you will go home at a whole new level of awareness. You need to gathure young people your age and SAY "HELL NO" we want to "LIVE" and "LOVE" and not be "VICTIMS" of this dark ages of premature death!!! The only way to avoid WAR, is to know thy enemies and avoid them, as God protects you via your wisdom, via your cleansed silver cord. As in the days of Noah, the evil is consuming the masses and these masses will burn you at the stake at the drop of the hat.

Just as in the story of Noah, you can walk amongst the evil and have no fears, walk through the valley of death untouched. You have the powers of God as your inheritence that can guide you safely all your days, all humans do, but only a select few decide to open their eyes.

I will show you books that will blow your mind and give you so many paths to consider, as a student of BOOK I you always have access.

Remind me to let you watch a video on becoming a Breatharian, you seem like a good candidate for the future. The boys have a new pole barn exercise room in the ruff complete with a projector that you can watch a video on the big screen (wall.

If I had the $$$ to not work, I could easily allow all sorts of people to come for a few days here and there, but we rarely allow anyone, but your sweet talking Brenda has allowed you to stop by, we only allow the special ones, because time is time and when you spend a day with another and figure how many days we have on earth, a day is a gift we share with others.

We are nothing special and you soon will see we are just a family seeking to survive the same as anyone else wishing to survive! We just pass on what we have learned from others as it has always been meant to be this way, so we learn from each other over time/history.

I suggest you keep all your postings and e-mails, experinces archived on CD/DVD as an example for future use as well as to show your kids why they never got to eat a cow or pig while growing up.

Not sure I can find the pictures, but back when I was your age, I had a 1969 Fairlane 428 Super Cobra Jet, not as cool as your mustang, but can relate to a car that is a real car. Even Ford Motor company contacted me one day wanting to know what happened to the car, because only a few were made and stupid me parted it out, I guess that is what makes the cars that survive even worth more.



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