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Finally Solution Frozen Shoulder
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Published: 8 years ago

Finally Solution Frozen Shoulder

I'm a natural health practitioner. This taught me to learn about facing your fears and not being frozen in a panic or unknown of fear and fearing the very thing that can help you out of your situation. You have to exercise your way out of it and not keep it "frozen."

When I got frozen shoulder, I immediately thought, this doesn't happen to younger folks, and heard chiropractor say, this usually happens to people w/ diabetes or some METABOLIC Disorder, yet my Mom who has nothing got shoulder issues w/ no pre-existing conditions and one of my clients got out of it relatively quickly with PT = Physical Therapy as did my Dad who has no pre-existing condition.

So I was all scared that now i have some major condition i developed when all it was was really simple. I'll explain. They simply did some muscle strengthening exercises and my Dad explained it this way to me, as did his therapist. A muscle on one part of the shoulder gets used/ exercised more then the opposing muscle holding the joint in place, once that happens, those set of muscles tighten up that hold the joint out of place and need to strengthen the opposite muscle to balance the joint. WOW that simple.

Therefore, kneading bread, excuse me but even playing with yourself, spanking the monkey- more women get it then men, leaning forward with his job with washing hair at salon, his employment. Any repetitive motion that tightens the muscle up in one direction. To get out of it, need to remember what that may be and do the opposite, In my case vs pushing my fist down toward my crotch, (was doing this ride w/ nephews and would hold them down in place w/ my legs) it would be pulling on my arm in opposite direction and would hear a crack or adjustment and immediate relief w/ strain gone and circulation returning to arm and wrist / hand. Have to avoid any pushing down with that arm/ shoulder and do the opposite for a while, with rubber band or those tie chords w/ hooks on them that can pull with.

My chiropractor best things he did was find the tight chords/ muscles and knead them loose, any knots, and slightly pull my arm lightly out of socket. Noticed that if put a ball under arm and squeeze down this helps a bit too and many people commented on the same.

Worst thing my chiro did was almost push down on my shoulder which was painful in the direction he was going and told him sternly NO and would not let him do it, my understanding is that if anyone FORCES it back vs gently works it back into place it can be extremely painful and set back your recovery quite a bit due to the inflammation.

Also, he sent me back to do exercises that weren't quite correct that put greater stress on joint moving it wrong way and irritating it more, causing more swelling and pain. you want to be able to move it where it can move, and pull and push in directions that don't hurt and then put more strength and exercise toward those areas to help it strengthen, recover and heal.

Think of it this way, if you forced a car to move w/o oil lubricating it, not a good idea, so need to not only help by cleaning liver with either apple cider vinegar before each meal or do a Liver Flush - which will help restore circulation to the joints and has been known to help this condition. I've had it in past and once cleaned liver I haven't had this issue in over a decade. Once it returned it was a good reminder of what i needed to do and i saw stones and also ACV helped tremendously to loosen the joint!

Bottom line tho is, even though can clean liver to be less prone and keep a more lubricated shoulder, once out of alignment and muscle imbalance exists, need to knead out tight areas and exercise the opposing muscle to fix the issue.

I'm posting this prematurely since i was going to wait to get full recovery before doing so but really do feel i'm definitely moving in right direction now where I can sleep again, and throughout day no longer have pain and now have greater range of motion.

It'll be a slow process yet my client who did PT and my Dad got recovery within a month or two so I'd expect I should have the same. Didn't want to hold out with providing the info for those that have to sea with this cause it sucks if you don't know what to do, don't change your routine and deal with it for 1-2 years possibly which is what i heard. Hope this serves you well. You may also contact me with any questions regarding nutritional programs/ support.

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