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are there substitutes for ivermectin?
coastanoan Views: 1,196
Published: 10 years ago

are there substitutes for ivermectin?

hoping to hear from someone on this...
if I cant take ivermectin, which is very realistic since i'm reactive to it but keep trying anyways, are there alternative drugs that cover some of the same bases? know it treats strongyloides, not familiar enough with these drugs to know what else it may have been prescribed for since it was all done thru energetic testing. but know it has a key role and important part to play in my treatment multi-drug regime because when I stopped it the parasites in my arms, legs, brain, neck got so much more active and made me start flipping out again. so I desperately have tried it again at lower dose 3mg instead of 12mg. but even that is causing disturbances in my nervous system that are blaring loud and in any other situation would have me stop without a moments hesitation. this systemic and serious infestation warrants me taking some pretty big chances though. some side effects were ears crackling, popping loud strange hallucination type stuff accompanying strange sounds and body sensations every 5 or 6 seconds, like a computer malfunctioning,,, defiintitly CNS symptoms. and the feeling like a hot current of electricity is flowing thru and near blowing out my circuits, very toxic chemo feeling.
would be nice to know what I am fighting, have very little idea, other than seeing "thread-like" organisms in my bowel movements. not a lot but clearly there at certain times. and the feeling like these worms are just about everywhere in my body and brain when I feel a "worminess" when they move which is simply terrifying, depending on where that is. threadworms? strongyloides?
i'm just trusting the doctor on his complex treatment on this and trying to avoid consciously entering it any deeper on what exactly i'm fighting as no stool test or blood testing has revealed anything and were all a disheartening process. the ivermectin feels important.
but my system can be seriously damaged by drugs and I consider my reactivity and unpredictable responses to put me in the 1% of the population. knowing how bad drugs can instantly reverse on me I am might absolutely have to stop this drug. I am breaking for a dose to help it clear out of my body some so that my reactivity might calm enough to retry.
any other drugs that fit in a similar category?

many thanks
also wanted to say how much this group of people here at curezone are helping me with your responses to sort out some of the ugly stuff that comes up for me. very helpful.

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