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Re: Herbs by MH
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Published: 9 years ago
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Re: Herbs by MH

Well thats odd, because thats not my experience with select suppliers located in the US at all.

The suppliers I use never say their herbs are "miracle cures" because they damn well know better. They supply some of the greatest herbalists living and practicing medical herbalism in the USA, and the supplier would never call anything they have a "miracle herb" because those that have spent 30+ years of their lives studying herbs will call them out on their BS.

When I go to purchase herbs from a supplier, I don't care that they have decided not to "educate" me on chemtrails, correct water for drinking, proper diet, or WW3. Do you know why? Because thats not their job. Thats MY job as a human here on Earth. Their job is to deliver great, high quality herbs and fresh plants to me so I can do whatever I want with them. Period.

Powdered herbs? I'm not making capsules, I don't need powdered herbs. If I need powdered herbs, I will either powder them myself, or I will only purchase powdered herbs from a company I totally trust, because once its powdered, I don't know what else is in there! Whole herbs or cut/sifted only! Then I can spot what does not belong in there.

Is there dishonestly in the herbal business? Bet your life on it. Are ALL herb suppliers dishonest? Absolutely not.

You keep repeating the same names over and over to make your case: Natures Sunshine, Frontier, StarWest, Christophers.

You are aware there are many, many more great suppliers out there, right?

Can any Tom, Dick or Harry go out and pick a weed? Sure!

Can any Tom, Dick or Harry go out and locate, identify, pick sustainably, pack and ship the exact specie of whole herb you want for just a few dollars more than a commercial source? NO. There are a lot of educated, friendly, honest people who will go out of their way to help someone needing herbs.

You have over 150 ingredients in your Longevity Spices. Does EVERY ONE of those ingredients come from your property or somewhere close where you personally can pick them, clean them, cut/grind them, you use commercial sources for some of those ingredients?

You have mentioned purchasing select herbs from suppliers in the US and Canada. Does this not mean that there are indeed honest people you have done business with in the world of herbs?

Book 1? A great book, no doubt about it!

BUT, it was written in the early 1920's, we are living in a different world now.

Are we as humans different from humans living in the late 1800's and early 1900's?

Have you not spent years telling us that yes, we today ARE different indeed?

Have we not been told that kids born after 1992 will not live long past their 40's due to pollutants and poisoning of the earth? YES!

The human of 2012 is a degraded version of the human of 1890.

THEREFORE, what worked then, will only work for the majority now with the aid of herbs. Straight fasting will not be enough for the majority living in 2012. Period. Herbs are sorely needed.

Authors of herb books or health books that die too "early"?

Too early by "whose" standards? Other humans? Maybe their work here on earth was done. If everything is under Gods control as you state, then are not these deaths occuring in their appointed time?

For every health/herbal author you name that you think died too early, I can name an author who lived well past his prime, and was still living what they preached, educating others or trying to help people till his or her dying day. Take out the car crashes and all the slips and falls then see what you are left with.

Let justice be done, though the heavens may fall.

And That Is All

The Adonis


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