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Herbs by MH

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Hulda Clark Cleanses

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New lower prices!
Hulda Clark Cleanses

Eliminate Parasites Fast and Easy
One of the most powerful aids in helping the body el...

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Published: 9 years ago

Herbs by MH

Good herbs should stir up a fever in your bones, enable the blood to kill the lymes worms and supply proper plant/tree minerals for the blood stream to build you new bones.

The amazing thing is that the human body, the mammal body, has the amazing ability to repair broken bones or dissolved bones is less than 60 days....and super natural healthy native people's could repair broken bones literally in a few days time............while the wormy sickly person can succumb to a broken bone..

So first you should get a chill in your bones, lay in bed a few days shivering and sweating and then emerge from bed getting healthier and healthier daily as your bones are rebuilt..............

Naturally, no one wants to experience death to their worms and creation of new bone.....might "scare" them, make them run to their doctor and get some antibiotics to shut down their immune systems......

It is a fact, the more you kill your lymes worms, the body will react favorably and if you too it too quickly, you might even expel all your internal cancers right up and out your might even get new eyes, ears, skin, etc. as a thank you for killing your worms...

The human cells have their own individual brain, they are the true meaning of "organized"...

WHY did GOD create humans to make use of trees and plants as "medicines", especially in such ways????? It is just a wild system, almost impossible to believe it could be possible and is just 1 of billions of amazing things God has created..

People can choose to LIVE or let worms eat them to death, that pretty much sums up life for most humans on this planet.

"IF" life was fair, ever child would understand herbal use probably by age 5, trained by their parents and advanced trained in schools.....after all, would not the true education be on how to be healthy and live hundreds of years??

NO, schools are not about "you" living healthy or long, schools are about training you to obey and seek professional never be "INDEPENDENT"

So you need to teach your self, teach your own children and set them free to live long healthy lives......

World wide, step by step each country under the world government restricts more and more herbal use year by year...because health freedom is an enemy to the professional government that uses sickness as their "TOOL" of control.

Dr. Christopher and thousands of others for the past 75 years watched health freedom slip away as the governments take full control..

It is a fact, in the USA, the government "owns" every weed/tree and all humans that think they own the ground, are in fact, only "renting" from the government. The laws are on the books stating the state owns all grass/weeds/trees, etc...and like hundreds of such laws not "used", they have them there to use against specific people when the time arises......

In the usa, we have more herbal freedom that any other country in the world, more than china, north korea, africa, south america, etc.......but year by year, those freedoms world wide are being closed in upon, step by step.

"they" can not stop you from walking out your back yard and eat your weeds, unless you attempt to sell your weeds to another person, then we all know the government will hunt you down and throw you in prison based on what weeds you tried to sell and they can make all weeds just that illegal.

The day the usa says it is illegal to ship herbs by mail/ups, etc. is the day they can shut down all herbal sales outside the walmart commercial herb market controlled by government.

The government is a famous book burner, they have been burning books for over 100 years and use to burn the authors along with their if you have no health education and no book to teach you, the that is where they want you.....under control of the "professionals".

The bone eating worms are in all humans, you were probably born with them and they are a "plague" that affects all humans and all mammals on this planet, they truly are just another sign of the end times leading up to a world wide plague of mega death that has happened in the past and will continue to happen over and over on earth in cycles.

HERBS in general will not harm a human, "if" the herb actually is "toxic", you will throw it up or develop diarrhea, you heart might speed up, etc. and you would learn real fast to not eat that herb again and all such herbs have been outlawed for many years anyway and no one messes with them, except a few amish and self proclaimed witches that you want to stay far away from anyways. Let your medical field deal with the poisons, Dr. John R. Christopher proved in his lifetime that no one needs to ever make use of a narcotic herb, all toxic herbs are just that, "toxic" and no need to use them like idiots use arsenic and mercury to poison the body back to health...the very idea is just "ignorant".

David Christopher the son of Dr. Christopher believes a good herb should kick you butt, stir up a reaction....but sadly, for the past 15 years he has been fighting skin cancers and too "educated" to understand why. I seen his cancer 15 years ago and after looking at his store/school I told him the reason for his is caused by the lights he has in his store, school and office where he has spent his entire life and probably lead to the death of his dad Dr. John R. Christopher and 15 years ago the government mounted a CELL PHONE TOWER on the top of this office, less than 25 feet away from his I told him wrong lights does create deadly skin cancers and throw in the cell phone tower and you should die and he agreed, but I heard 10 years later that he never changed 1 light, never moved, never did anything and that the cancer had spread down to his legs and had started on his face, so I have no clue if he is even alive today........but herbs alone are not the total answer, in fact, they are at best 1/6th the answer.

We not only need worm free bones, we need our bones in if you go to a chiropractor while ignoring your worms....well; that keeps you going back until you do die, because you have to do it all, not just 1 step...

You can't do like David Christopher and live under florescent lights and cell phone towers or be tricked into putting those mercury filled energy saver lights in your home..

You can not poison yourself ad expect to have health, it is that simple.

LOOK at the HERBAL WORLD TODAY.......they just sell old crap based on current books and they radiate it all, make sure all great herbs have been removed and in truth, REAL HERBS are not being sold anywhere anymore by a commercial source and I don't think private sources really exist anymore thta are doing anything beyond monkey see, monkey do.



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