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Re: Colloidal silver, candida, good bacteria
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Published: 10 years ago
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Re: Colloidal silver, candida, good bacteria

Hey, Paste

I can understand backsliding after attempting candida programs: digging myself out of a similar situation presently. It is extremely frustrating. I too consider my case as severe: perhaps just as severe as yours.

It's good you know your nutritionals are in pretty good shape. Yet, keeping up b-vits is important since the body can't store them nor make them and, if you have stopped using them since your test their values may have changed dramatically. Same with minerals particularly if under a lot of stress.

My hunch is that you might have gone too low carb in an attempt to starve out candida. I know I did and have paid a heavy price for doing such and, caused many failed candida diet attempts. Unfortunately, you will starve long before making a dent on candida. When going too low carbs your body goes into a stress response called 'ketosis'. This stresses your endocrine system (thyroids) which only compounds the body's stress load and decreases the body's ability to fight infection or rather, heal. Anthony here is always pushing healing the liver as what helped cure him of his digestion issues/candida and he eats lots of potatoes and the like. Let's face it, candida can eat anything and does. The key is to limit it's cheap and easy fuel sources.

The same goes for any type of flushes: liver or metals. Some here will chastise me for saying this but, I believe any flushes while severely ill is a mistake since it only further stresses and already stressed system making things worse: a negative feedback loop if you will. There is a point where doing flushes makes sense as a topping off of the healing process but, to start off stressing things entirely may work against healing at all. Everyone has to make their own decisions regarding this. This is also why many comprehensive candida protocols build in liver support like Milk Thistle and molybdenum.

I also suggest looking into leaky gut - healing leaky gut will help with food intolerances and allergic reactions.

The natural antifungals you tried are good ones but, it's best to consider rotating them every 6 weeks or so or, candida can mutate making those particular antifungals ineffective after a period of time. Coconut oil being one which many consider being one to always use. I made the mistake of taking Oil of Oregano for too long and the eugenol agent in it started giving me liver issues as eugenol is toxic to the liver. Live and learn.

From what you say, you have put your body through some recent extremes in your attempts to heal. It might be time to just relax and build up some reserves. Jumping from one stressful protocol to another after another may be why you are getting worse and worse so rapidly. As you get sicker, candida takes advantage of the situation. This might seem impossible but, relaxing and getting plenty of rest/sleep are very critical to healing.

I'm not a fan of yeastnomore since they seem to be more about selling something than helping educate people to heal. Just the fact you had interest in the over hyped threelac shows how little they really educate people. I'm just leery of people who hawk products while saying this is the only way to cure.

For the record, I wasn't saying to use's main protocol but,
's protocol - it is much more indepth and detailed. For some reason their forum is down this weekend due to tech glitches but, it's typically very active and has so much to offer. Their protocol is the most thorough I've seen and it doesn't cost a dime to procure. They don't have a dime to make, only there to help.

There is no question diet is one of the fundamentals to dealing with candida. A single option like CS isn't going to do much good on it's own without diet, probiotics and antifungals included. They are all very important parts of treatment. You could take duflican forever and if you don't change your diet progress will probably not be accomplished. It's hard to stick to a strict diet one isn't used to and it's only natural for people to pick through lists and concentrate on foods they 'like', etc....this makes restricted diet lists even more restrictive.

I don't have the answers but, only encourage you to keep seeking and researching as much as you can. Also, try NOT to jump at the first thing which makes sense but, research it and gradually learn what it is about. I don't buy into heavy metals causing all this imbalance. It's probably a lot of factors which any single one wouldn't have caused us to get this sick. It takes a long time to throw the body this far out of balance since yeast doesn't grow that fast. One out of balance it can take a lot of effort to get it back into balance. On the positive, the body WANTS to heal - it just needs to be given the right tools to do such, along with time/patience. Just don't give up...keep working it but, perhaps go a little slower.



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