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Colloidal silver, candida, good bacteria
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Published: 10 years ago

Colloidal silver, candida, good bacteria

From around 2 years I am fighting with a so severe case of candidasis that I have not find anywhere on the internet.
My sensitivity to ALL kind of carbohydrats is so severe that even from a gum with sorbitol I get nervousness and my penile candidasis flares up. Less than a gram of white Sugar will result in at least 2 nights insomnia, severe rage, panic attacks, anxiety and huge flare up of the penile candidasis.
The more complicated thing is that rcently I got gastritis which made me to stop first the B complex, second, limitimg my diet even more.
I am reading that people on this board with candida are eathing things as kinoah, buckwheat, even fruits. This is absolutely impossible for me. As soon as I try I get an immediate horrible reaction from ANY carbohydrate, EVEN from yogurt from the lactose in it.
I can also not drink kefir, it makes me much worse because of the rest (even small amount) of not fermented lactose in it.

Today I was so desprated that I was even wondering to start taking Duflacan for long period of time. But as soon as I remembered my nightmares with syntetic drugs for 2 years (which was the reason for me to develop so severe candida infection) and read that it can cause hepatitis and also that people even few times don't get cured, I gave up this idea.

From all this time, the only thing, the really ONLY ONE thing, which gives me die off ANY TIME, with same strenght, with zero level of resistans, is the Colloidal Silver .

But I have a big problem with it. After I read that it kills good bacteria as well, I found it on practise.
Since few months, whenever I take, and regardless of the quantity I get the folowing scenario:
I get a severe die off from the candida. I recognize these sympthoms with severe feeling of being tired, restless sleep, brain fog. After that, the good bacteria is killed and candida returns WAY WORSE. I recognize this symptoms as they are exactly the opposite ( and are same as when I eat carbs) - extreme uncontrolable rage, irritability, insomnia, rush and itching on the penis, anxiety, hyperactivity.
I am 100% sure that the scenario I described is going this way.
Now, the question is, what to do and how to fix the issue with this. I am even trying to take probiotic + prebiotic (chicory cofee) with the CS, but nothing helps. Even when I had tried yougurt, which is supposed to conatin tousand of capsules in 1 portion of 500 mg, the result was WORSE, as the killed bacteria from the CS was making the candida to grow much much faster from the very small amount of lactose in the yougurt.
Now I am adding the fact that I have gastritis and I can not tollerate yogurt due to its acidity. Kefir is not an option too as I mentioned. Probiotic capsules are too weak.

What would you advice me?

My personal opinion is that my gut flora is currently on the zero so me to be reacting so hard to CS due to lack of probiotics. But the strange thing is that in the summer I made around 1 month with eating daily 100-200 grams of kefir grains (these are TRILLIONS of good bacteria + prebiotic - chicory cofee). I was getting a hugem terrible die off whenever I was taking that. After that month I tried taking CS again. The result was the same - first candida die off, followed by candida flare up! 1 step forward and 2 steps backwards!

But I have mention something else, which is my last hope for at least trying something. When I put CS under the tounge and keep it there I am getting a die off as well (It is killing the candida). But if I spit it out the candida does not flare up. I guess this is because it is just absorbed in the bloodstream equaly to all parts of the body and is not going almost 100% in the gut, where is killing the good flora.

My last hope and plan is to take threelac, never tried it, combine it it with another probiotic and huge doses of prebiotic, and doing all day long CS under the tounge.
My question is: do you believe that keeping the CS under the tounge will be enough to clear SO SEVERE systemic infection as the one I described? I am 100% sure it will not work for my genital infection but I want at least to get to a state at which I can eat almost all foods, or avoid only White Sugar .

This is my second question for advice. Due to my current state I can eat almost ONLY olives, tomatoes and meat. Meat is my main food but I know its highly acidic. I would like to try more alkalnie diet but whenever I try to go vegan I am starving due to lack of nutrients. I need nutrients and energy to beat the infection. And I am 22 years old boy, I am supposed to eat most at this age. I had had lost 10 kilograms due to staying only on salad but when I started eating only meat I fastly recovered. Any advices on diet appreciated, despite the fact I will most likely not be able to tollerate any of the suggestions.


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