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Re: getting rid of candida continuation
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Published: 9 years ago
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Re: getting rid of candida continuation

i Appreciate your reply. And i aplogize for not being on this thread in a while. I definitely don't mind being asked about how I know these things , however,I do not appreciate that you think you have the right to tell me I am irresponsible by saying that being acidic is bad. As if you have all the answers and everyone else is wrong. I have researched extensively for 3 years, suffering and near death for about six months of that time. You can use whatever scientific mumbo jumbo talk that you want to but the fact remains that Most all sickness including but not limited to cancer and candida is caused by overacidity in the body. And those same sickness are turned around by eating alkali foods. Mostly fruit both sweet and unsweet and leafy green have to treat the cause not just symptoms. This I have SEEN for myself and am continuing to experience personally. eliminating more than half my illnesses And just about completely eliminated my candida problem. Watched my own sickness dissapear, watched as the candida came out of my eyes and ,watched my skin clear up , my Depression go away, my bowels normalize . Just to name a few of the less gorier details. When your doctor told you to use base soap, That is the external body,this has absolutely nothing to do with the internal body fluids.You should also not place so precious a thing as your health solely on the shoulders of you doctor, it is your right and responsibility to take your health into your own hands, after all it is your life, and you own your body.Let me ask you , and anybody else Has you doctor cured you of your candida? I hope i assume right when I say he/she didn't Unless you ,like myself are on this thread for the purpose of helping other people with a sincere and heartfelt care and concern over the suffering of others. I don't really give a crap about right and wrong , I care about people and what actually works.Not what looks good on paper. I Hope that You and anyone else can stop judging and use this information to better themselves and others. This is all the information was intended to do.Below is an excerpt from an interesting website, and by all means it is not the only one , but one of many.

Importance of Healthy pH in the Body

The scale that is used for measuring the pH, or hydrogen ion concentration … is from 0 to 14, with 7 being the neutral point. Below 7 is acidic; above 7 is alkaline. The optimal ph of the body's fluids, such as the blood urine, is 7.4, slightly alkaline. Outside of this range … the body activity is no longer optimal and the metabolism is out of balance.

The pH of the body is largely influenced by metabolic byproducts and our diet. Thus, pH is directly affected by the various categories of food that we eat and the internal mechanisms involved in their processing. Some foods that are acid in their composition can become alkalinizing following metabolization by the body, such as lemons. Accordingly, it is to become more aware of the impact that various foods and our eating habits have on the internal environment of the body.

An acidic system mean oxidation which means decay

Excess acidity causes numerous disturbances such as:

Weakening of the skin, hair, nails, teeth, bones
Deterioration of the digestive tract, leaky gut syndrome
Excitability of the nervous system, sciatica
Tendency to depressive illness, anxiety, panic disorders
Muscular spasms and cramps
Enhances susceptibility to infections (bacterial, viral, etc.)
Chronic fatigue
Blockage of certain minerals which become unavailable
Increased risk of cancerous cells proliferating

Interesting Facts About Life And Alkaline pH

In a free range chicken, the white of the egg has a pH of 9 (highly alkaline). The yoke of the egg has a pH of 6.5 (slightly acidic).

The white of the egg with a pH of 9 … acts as a protective cloak … shielding the yolk from bacteria, viruses, and fungi. While it’s structure, bearing the Hydrogen Matrix, brings forth life and participates in the millions of cells forming the body of the new baby chicken.

Like the egg … when the fluids of the human body are maintained at a healthy alkaline level (7.4) … it protects the body from bacteria, viruses and fungi … as well as bringing forth the life-giving form inherent within the hydrogen matrix.

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