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Published: 9 years ago

My progress so far (a long read)

Hi, I have been reading this forum for some time, and wanted to write this, which may be insignificant, but I still want to contribute in some way. In advance, I want to apologise for any grammar mistakes, for English is not my primary language.

I have had EC for about 2 years now. The difference I could note between when it started and now, is the colour difference of the dead skin(it used to be more yellow and crusty, now its more transparent and not crusty), the size difference – the lips are bigger now, especially after they are irritated; the lips get really red when they get irritated (eating, brushing teeth etc.); the area of peeling used to be more diffuse and larger, now its more localized to certain spots and smaller.

During the 1 and a half years of moisturizing lips I didn't notice any advantageous difference, perhaps only the noted smaller area of peeling in the first few months of the disease, and the difference in color of the dead skin. For the last 6 months though I didn't use any skin moisturizers on my lips, and I didn't notice much difference.

My lips in July, 2012. The lips shown, have been exfoliated around 10 days before.(I am sorry for the quality of some of the photos, since I didn't intend on putting them here.)

I do seem to have some sort of nasal blockage, which seems to make me breath through the mouth at night sometimes. I have visited an allergologist recently, and have ruled out air allergens, this might seem insignificant, however I do not want to leave out too much. I have also talked to the same doctor about the condition of my lips, and she prescribed me some anti-fungal cream, most likely, judging from the corners of my mouth, which closely resembled angular cheilitis (the corners, I believe, got irritated by soap a few months before the appointment, I believe that some soap additives seem to have caused some degree of skin irritation in the past.) The cream was called Clotrimazolum GSK 10mg/g, and I used it for about 4 weeks, 3 times every day, and I did notice some improvement: the corners of my lips healed completely, the lips stopped getting so dark red when irritated, however everything remained the same, I didn't notice any difference in the peeling of the lip area, nor any difference in lip size.

Trying out some remedies to this currently under-researched disease, I did come upon a website entry, claiming that dish soap and vaseline cured this disease, though it also claimed that the condition was most likely caused by the candida albicans yeast infection (no proof for that, however). As I am writing this, I already have read a lot of negative responses to this on the forum, however, I still want to write how this went along for me, the first time I tried it out (note: this was before I tried the Clotrimazolum cream, and the before mentioned time when my lips got really irritated by soap). Only at that time I didn't use any vaseline, but I did note some things, after washing lips with the concentrated dish soap after every meal- and I did that mostly because I noted how it would reduce the irritation: The lip size reduction was really obvious, and the lips would remain normally colored for some time after this, however, I don't seem to recall anything about the peeling. Unfortunately I had to stop using this method since the skin around my lips, and my lips started getting really irritated by the said soap.

So, the next time that I tried this method was after the Clotrimazolum treatment: for around a week I tried the method, using the same routine, but using a different dish soap, not so concentrated, and one that didn't irritate my skin. At this point I really noticed how keeping the lips dry would have a positive difference for around 3 hours without applying the vaseline: the smaller size of lips, a “soothing” effect, and lighter, “less irritated” colour, however the peeling continued and the skin was even thicker.

Picture taken around 1-2 days after exfoliating.

Right after this, I tried using the same mentioned method, but this time using vaseline. After around 10 days, was when I noted that the differently colored area on the lower lip, the one that peels – only the upper part of the area was a bit flaky and thin, but for some reason the lower part of the area wasn't peeling at all. I also noted how the lips would be better after washing them with dish soap ( in a way, drying them), and after putting on vaseline they would get irritated and red , however the color and size would be significantly reduced/lighter after around an hour.

Note the difference in size and color, also note that the lips in both of the pictures have been exfoliated around 10-11 days ago:

Right after I woke up this morning, I took a picture of my lips, shown below. Note the flaky skin on the before mentioned area, though this might be hard due to the camera flash.

So in conclusion, the said method did seem to work for me in 1-2 weeks time, however I still wouldn't call this a cure, though it will be interesting to watch the progress. Anyway, I'll probably stick around this forum in the future and I'll write about anything else I might try next.


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