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Rape - JUSTICE!!
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Published: 9 years ago
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Rape - JUSTICE!!

26 years ago, when I was 13, for four years I had an inappropriate relationship with a guy that was 7 years older than me. The affair lasted 4 years, until I escaped, and left the state.

At the time, when I was 13, I think I was desperate for closeness. My bestfriend fixed me up with this guy, whom she didnt know, but was a friend of her boyfriends. We were all in middle school, so I just assumed he was too.

But he wasnt. We dated for about two years. I didnt know it at the time, but on each date, he was always pulling on my clothes, would pull his penis out, and force himself on me. I thought he was playing, and he would stop. Around the second year mark, however, I let him get closer, and eventually we had sex.

Sex was a regular ocurrence, and he would do it violently. He would catch me off guard, hand cuff me, pull my clothes off, rape me, one time he tried to penetrate me anally, but I got him off me before he could. Eventually, I got up the courage to break up with him, and he started stalking me. He took naked pictures of me I wasnt aware of, then called my mother and told her what a slut I was. I got back with him at the threat, but eventually, broke up with him again when I found out he had been whoring around, and I was really scared of catching a venereal disease from him.

I left the state, went away to college. I dont know what possessed me to google his name, I guess I wanted confirmation that he was dead, but instead, I found out that he was being arraigned for child molestation charges. Apparently he had it done it someone else as well. I read the court transcripts, and it also included him, ordering child p 0 r nagraphy videos that were very graphic. He was going on and on in his emails to the "vendor" (it was really the US government, posing as a vendor) about what he liked to do to children, boys and girls. He even confirmed the mailing address of him receiving the p 0 r n. The p 0 r n was disgusting, sadistic, brutal, contained beastialiy, little boys and girls, disgusting.

His sentencing is coming up. He is trying to get a lighter sentence due to the health condition he brought on himself, drinking, etc. Apparently he had a transplant of some sort.

I want to write the judge a letter, thanking him for getting such scum off the street. This guy stalked me!! He hung out with middle school aged kids! His only intent was to rape and molest. This guy made my school years a living hell. If I was out with friends, he would find me, and track me down. When I tried to get away with him, he humiliated me by contacting my family, and even my teachers!!!

The maximum sentence he is looking at is 20 years, but some judges are lenient and only give guys that watch child p 0 r n probation. He has priors for domestic violence and rape, (which were negotiation down to some class of felony I am not aware of)

This guy, this is what he does all day and night. He stalks children, and young boys and girls, and then rapes and sodomizes them. I am glad he is going to jail. I want to write the letter, but my husband says to leave it alone. That justice has been served.

Has it? What do you think..

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