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Nutritional Balancing for gut, liver and adrenal regeneration?
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Published: 10 years ago

Nutritional Balancing for gut, liver and adrenal regeneration?

Iíve been battling health problems for almost 4 years now with little to no progress. Iíve tried lots of things and supplements to no avail, never being able to get on a regime that at least enables me to function in day to day life. Iím extremely carb sensitive with a diet of around 10-15 foods.

For example my latest attempt to do the McCombs plan lasted 8 days before my liver and colon felt too congested to function. I lost my appetite and felt sensitive to the SF722 which increased the saliva in my mouth.

Primary symptoms

- Liver ache Ė a jabbing ache over the upper right part of my abdomen just under the rib cage. Worsens during periods of toxicity or constipation
- Post nasal drip Ė a constant dripping down the back of my throat from my nose
- Skin pigmentation patches dotted all over my body. I understand this could be the liver and/or adrenals
- Brain fog
- Bouts of breathlessness
- Chemical sensitivity
- Digestive problems Ė Gas, bloating, constipation, undigested stools, food intolerances to eggs, dairy, gluten, nighshades. Unable to digest grains, starch and fruits
- Insomnia
- Acne
- Dark circles under eyes
- Fatigue
- Depression, irritability.

Iím a 27 year old male. I have an Antibiotic history and struggled with hypoglycaemia in the early stages. Itís controlled now but only because Iím in ketosis, something Iím not massively keen on. Easy to lump me into both the candida and adrenal fatigue camps.

I have to maintain my job otherwise I would be in financial ruin. The adverse reactions to supplements are too intense anyway.

Iíve been looking at NB as itís the only program, via Dr Wilsons articles that links and explains all my symptoms. He goes into more detail than most regarding the liver which is a primary concern of mine.

I need a way out of the following loop....

- Attempting to regenerate the digestive tract puts too much stress on my liver.
- Stimulating the liver (with herbs) feels like itís just stirring up toxins, and with weak adrenals and a congested colon the feeling is too uncomfortable.
- Unable to tolerate adrenal supplements (they stimulate me) for a more Ďtop downí approach. Liver clearance is probably causing this sensitivity.
- With such a restricted diet and poor digestion, unable to get the nutrients I need to heal.

Iíve tried all the digestive aids Ė probiotics, some antifungals, magnesium, enzymes, HCL (I do get some relief from this), ox bile etc.

Iím at my wits end. Could NB help me? Anyone experienced digestive and liver healing using it?


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