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Published: 15 years ago

New Fast, Day 1!!!!

Here I go again.

Welcome to Fasting 101, I am your host M.O.G.

So please, fasten your fasting belts and away we go....

Yes, it is that time again. Seems like just two weeks ago I just ended my forty day OJ fast. *pinches self*

Wait a minute, it was two weeks ago.

I know you all are thinking I must be insane, and most likely I am, but I don't care. I sure am not normal by the worlds definition.

What is the fun of being normal anyways?

So here it is day one again, and I am ripped and raring to go. I just love how you feel when fasting. Makes me seriously contemplate being a juicearian.

This will be my daily routine.

I juice eight organic navel oranges in the morning and mix with water throughout the day. I take four heaping teaspoons of psyllium husk in an 8 oz glass of water first thing upon awakening. I wait about ten minutes and then drink one cup of kidney cleanse tea followed by one cup of bf&c tea. That bf&c tea sure tastes nasty. I then gather together my uva ursi capsules, ginger capsules, and olive leaf capsules. I drink this down with water.

I take three drops of MH's pure wild oregano oil and mix that in another 8 oz glass of water and slam it down. I then go brush my teeth with hydrogen peroxide and drink my first cup of OJ about 15 minutes later. Sometime in the next hour or two I take my first tablespoon of MH's sorghum molasses to make sure I have plenty of minerals for my liver to work with. I will take one more later on in the day.

Sometime around 5:30-6:30 pm I will take my second cup of bf&c tea. Did I mention that bf&c tea tastes nasty? *pinches self again* And I thought my memory was getting better,lol.

In the evening I will make a cup of tea with organic red raspberry and peppermint. To this I add one tablespoon of raw honey. This is when I sit down in the evening after all my work and chores are done.

And that basically is all that enters my mouth during a fasting day for me, besides the air I breathe.

For those wondering where does my protein come from I have this simple answer. It comes from the air I breathe. Pure protein is primarily made up of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen.

So I do fifteen minutes of pranayamic breathing before I get out of bed in the morning and I do fifteen minutes of pranayamic breathing before I go to bed. This also helps your chi to circulate in the proper fashion. It also gives you a great begining to your day and also a wonderful nights sleep.

I will try and post daily about my progress. I am even thinking of doing a blog on the curezone main page. If I do it will just be a reposting of what I post here.

Everyone that is willing and wanting to fast with me is more than welcome to come aboard. The more the merrier as they say. Sound off if your coming aboard.

Time for me to go make some chow for the cooked food eaters in my household, I will chat with you all later,


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