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Re: Anthon87 leave me alone
Anthony87 Views: 2,751
Published: 9 years ago

Re: Anthon87 leave me alone

I need to respond to this because not only are you hurting yourself, but the toxic message that starches are poison and fat is ok is erroneous.


Hogwash. Life just isn't that hard. What if you are wrong and your lack of liver enzymes are the cause of candida and you are just shooting yourself in the foot with this diet that is toxic to the liver? If your liver is so shot then maybe it's time to ask a liver specialist for a biopsy. Would it hurt you to think this way? I think your suffering is pretty much constant.

"you yourself probably didn't even have much of a Candida problem, since you've "cured it" with eating white potatoes."

Why, what's so bad about white potatoes? where's the saturated fat? where's the sugar? I am very interested in knowing what you are eating if potatoes and starches are so dangerous. Because the only thing left for calories if that is the case is FAT. You said yourself you can't live off leafy greens and need coconut oil for that reason. So fatty liver affects 33% of the population and I can only guess what percentage of people with fungal infections, a HIGH FAT DIET, muscle wasting, fatigue, weight loss, hypothyroid. It's much higher than 33. I had horrendous fungal lesions for months that were a constant cause of stress. I wanted nothing more for them to just be gone.

Right away i know you are on a horrible diet because you think carbs, as in white potatoes are dangerous. You ignored me during the spring and now it really doesn't surprise to see the periodic negative post about how you don't have control over the fungus.

Of all the PM's I get, the most severe underweight cases are those that intake large amounts of fat. There's guys dropping to 110 and 120 pounds and losing hair. One from coconut oil, the other with half a jar of peanut butter daily who has bloody stool. Nuts and steak did me in because potatoes and carbs are supposidly so dangerous. You're forced to fill in the calories with crap food. It was hell on earth and the standard candida protocol was to blame.

Tiriaje was a negative bi+h and he did the world a favor by leaving after spewing his constant negativity. He insisted that I wasn't ok even as the weight was coming back and I could do more and more. Fixing the liver isn't the answer to every health problem that exists..but you will NEVER be able control a fungus with impaired liver function. I live in what IS true and not what I'd like to be true.

Despite the constant insults at me and jokes, i know you are suffering something that you didn't deserve and ask for. You complain of awful symptoms and suicidal thoughts, which are all explained by a fixable liver disorder as a root cause. food allergies and autoimmune disease are not something to be ignored, but a high fat diet and being too fatigued for cardio is something that is all over this forum and in the PMs to me. carb cutting and constant fatigue make candida suferrers the worst of the worst for dieters and I am thinking on top of any other problems they have fatty livers. They are on a super strict diet, but the wrong one..cheating themselves out of wellness with oils and carb cutting.

"What about the intestines? Flora? Thyroid? Adrenals? Hormones? Minerals? Possible heavy metals? The list goes on and on."

Flora: according to Andreas Moritz it's caused by poor bile flow because of gall stones. so there you have it poor bile flow causes bad flora because of poor breakdown of food. pathogenic bacteria and worms are there for the nutrients. In my personal experience, I think it's stones or blobs of fat in the liver.

Heavy metals:
A fatty, damaged liver can't filter a lot of toxins from foods and environmental contaminants.

Hormones: Most of us have hypothyroid and with candida. I was prescribed a med but never took it because of the risks. It turned out that it wasn't necessary.

And then you asked why I'm on the forum..because I am so thankful to have the chance to get my life back and pick up the pieces and move on. I've gotten great PM's and I know that by helping people figure this out, they can pass it on. If I get a pm from someone who went from 140 lbs to 100 now. What's next? There's a disease that causes people to be thin and have funguses and Depression and not enough people know about it because it's thought of as an obese person's disease. A lot of us got hit with it because we were thin and never cared about fructose, fat, and moderate alcohol.

Looking at fat as a cause of candida cured these people and me. I part ways with them and think starches are better than high Sugar fruits and cardio helps..but the general idea is better than the carb cutting and constant intake of garlic and herbs thought to be antifungals. If you look at suicidal thoughts, hypothyroid, weight loss, fatigue, fungal infections, these are symptoms of liver diseases. If it's not fatty liver, then I recommend you stay on top of your doctors to find out what the real syndrome is which allows all of these problems to run wild.


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