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Re apost I found on what might help morgellons
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Published: 9 years ago

Re apost I found on what might help morgellons

Post by fenhelpsmorgellons on Aug 14, 2007, 6:49pm

Hi everyone, am new here, but not new to Morgellons.

I've been the entire route with many doctors, any and every cream, ointment, pill, holistic "helps", etc. since May, 2003. I've had itching and sores on all 4 extremities, enough crying and Depression and there were days I wanted to end it all.

Then, in desperation, I found something that truly all but completely eliminates the tormentous horrendous aggravating ITCHING & sore formations. It is called FENBENDAZOLE, and be it known I DO NOT SELL the stuff! I do NOT advocate other morgellons victims to take it, because everyone is different and are on other medications, etc., health conditions, etc......... I will go into more detail about everything if anyone wants to hear it.

Bottom line: I've started taking it about 2 months ago, and I've got ZERO itching and only about 2 really stubborn sores left!!!! I USED TO BE COVERED with sores, at least 20 to 30 on each arm and leg. Some sores were also in weird places like the back of my neck, between one finger, between one or two nose.......and one time on my jawline on the face. The one or two sores I have left are on my right arm, where it all started after I recieved a very deep cut back in 2003. I was doing gardening/outdoor work, although my main job was a realtor.

I have a friend who also tried fenbendazole and has had great success, her name is wendy. You can email either me or her anytime: Mine is or Wendy's email is

I just know that it saved my sanity and my life so far, and I had stopped taking the fen for a few months and REALLY REGRETTED it!!!!!!!! Until a real cure gets rid of these SOB organisms, which I believe are related to some type of worm in an almost microscopic form, I will continue taking fen. I donot have ANY side effects of ANY form! I feel so sorry for anyone going through what I've been, and every darn day I said to myself "I can't take this ONE MORE DAY!!!!" But with the fen, I can actually LIVE again!!!!!

Let me know what u think!

Post by ruth on Aug 14, 2007, 7:10pm


thank you for sharing this. what dosage to get them down?
Post by diamondback on Aug 14, 2007, 8:24pm

I agree, the stuff really does decrease the active population! I have a hard time getting enough of it. Where do you get yours? Is it the powder ? I tried that in the beginning and had a hard time gagging it down, I like the stuff on ebay, from Greece, it is apple flavored boluses for horses. But it takes forever to get it & I usually can't afford more than one jar at a time.
Post by fenhelpsmorgellons on Aug 15, 2007, 12:57am

Ruth & Jane, thanks for replies!
As I stated in my first post, I don't take a pill for fenbendazole, I
USED to take the packets of granules and mix 'em in yogurt, pudding or applestappples sauce, even oatmeal. There's ABSOLUTELY no bad taste, it's just a chauky bland taste. But I DONOT take the packets anymore, first off they're waaaaaaaaaaaaay too expensive, and secondy, I order a paste form, like one of you mentioned it tasted like apple.....that's the way I take it........I squirt some out either on my finger or a spoon and take one or two teaspoons of it a day , and then I wash it down with a swig of ohhhhhhhh soda, coffee, water.......don't matter what u drink with it........'cept probably an alcoholic drink might not be a good idea, since first off alcohol taxes the liver, and ANY drug a human takes ALSO taxes the liver and God know what else it taxes, kidneys, pancreas........who knows.......

I order it online with Jeffers Co. ..........they have a website......I get it in about 5 days, if I don't pay for express postal. My girlfriend Wendy told me about Jeffers.......and she has the time to sift and surf the net for pricing!!!!

The stuff is an absolute BLESSING for this affliction known as Morgellons........It hasn't completely wipe it out from me, but It's almost as if I don't even HAVE Morgellons anymore.........The baths and creams other people are advocating? They help a little, but NOT NEAR as much as this fen stuff has been!!! Sure, it's for horses, dogs, and cattle..........and it was either commit suicide or try the fenbendazole. So there u go.

Now, I hear Niels P. Mayer telling me about oxybendazole........Am definitely going to research that and try it if sounds safe enough.

Now remember, I am NOT a seller of, nor do I have any stock in fenbendazole (aka Safeguard).........THis is strictly from my heart and mind. I am not mentally unstable, but I WOULD have become such if I hadn't tried and used fen!!!

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