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I found out what Morgellens is!
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Published: 11 years ago

I found out what Morgellens is!

Hello fellow suffers,
I have had all of the symptoms of this disease for almost a year now. have been told by three doctors and at the hospital to seek a shrink! I even brought in samples and was thrown out of one office and not one doctor could be bothered to look at the samples with a microscope or good magnifier glass that I even brought with me! That is when, as a Science major ( RN nurse) began my extensive investgation. I can begin a long story but I will get down to busisness!
This is a parasitic black fly. the female needs a blood
meal to fertilize the egg sack. The flies go through many stages of development. Some are so small they can go through screens. They land on your skin hair follicule for the larva to eat. They will crawl to your anus to eat and then lay eggs on pubic hair. They come off with soap and water,but they are ffloating in the air currents and often collide and break apart. They grow big as sometimes you can see them as a black speck. They rest with the wings folded and wont move during the day so they look like a caraway seed. The flies need their bodies to reach a certain temperature to move or they are paralized. They need water to lay eggs. get rid of any stagnant water. That means all plants in the house, spray all toilets witth lysol and put in those blue bleach blocks and spray all shower and sink drains, wet sponges ect.. They lay eggs in body folds where moisture is and cause infections.
I finally caught one on my washing machine, they like white and shinny objects. * put a tin pan on the washing machine with a half inch of water. I very carefull spilled the water, because if I used tweezers to get it, it falls apart into what looks like ashes.
This is what I saw. A tiny gnat like curved body with two large wings and long legs with transulent oval eggs stuck all over its legs and a gross sack under its head. The sack had black treads all through it and it was golden color,it look like a snot ball. I see these pictures people send in! Same thing! it had a hook like hair on its end. I could not see its eyes, I guess they are very dark. Then I began to disect it. forgive my spelling, I just cant be bothered, too depressed about this.
The wings turned into what looked like ash.. The head fell off like a black ball with a little point. The body was like a caraway seed and the gross sack brok into hundreds of yellow looking eggs. the legs looked like bits of a leaf and twig bits. There was white fluff cotton like or skin flakes.
It was so disgusting.
Now I know what we are dealing with. Tiny bugs that hide in lint balls. They like blue and red fibers to make a cacoon that they carry around in a goo ball and white egg like to the legs also. The thing is that when I looked up black flies this fly I believe it to carry disease and give people afililitius disease. Worms in the blood stream. I have had string like stuff in my bowel. The black fibers are all over my skin and what looks like yeast in my skin folds withen an hour after a good shower. This crap must be being expelled through my skin! My immune system must be so taxed. I wonder what HARM the worms ARE DOING. They are hard to ddetect with a blood test. We need a good doctor to do the right tests and skin scrapings. I am with a HMO and I get shit doctors and need a refferal of my primary to get a dermotologist. They once sent me to ACCREDITED DERM. and the place should be shut down, they have no equptment. No magnfing glass of any kind. You would think a specialist would buy one for work? How f is that? my current doctor told me if I mention bugs again, she does not want me to come back and the disease specialist sad it is an envroment problem and need a shrink. So I have to dump these doctors again and try to find another one who does not treat me poorly. Once you menton bugs, they want to throw you out of the office! I cannot afford anythng else. I am not working due to a car accident and not collecting anythng also. t is another story. take care of my elderly parents who dont care about the bugs because they have dementia. cant keep trying to clean the kitchen again and again and again. My mom makes a mess and is so unsanitary! This s a nightmare. The kids are not careful about washing hands ect... I am only one person and poor. I need some help even just words of encouragment. I am worn out and sick with this disease that make me so tired. I dont eat right knowing bugs eggs and debris is all over. All those specks are bug heads, bugs or bug poop! Flies are so so disease ridden that you have to clean everything all the time. They die and fall over the counters and are stuck on the cealing and walls before they can fly. The bugs will drop on your head as you walk by, before they mature. They hide in the rugs, sheets, iron holes, yes they are dead when you steam your clothes. Every lplace where there is water1 Behind the fridge, ice maker, wascing machine. Look inside of your washing machine, undwer the rim! Look under the toilet rim with a mirror and you will see all the black mold crap they leave. have you noticed black tar like bits around? yes fly crap! Filth. They are in your clothes, car ect. Shoes, eating dead skin cells Yes people this is what we a re dealng with. This is Morgellens THE BLACK FLY! I will try to d the exact biting fly it s but now I am so worn out, I need to stop thinking about this as much as can for a few days, it has gotten to me now that I know. Sorry all for the bad news but this is the God awful truth. Please write me. HELP!

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