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what has worked for me for tmau/body odor. IMPORTANT READ. ON OUR WAY TO THE CURE

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Published: 11 years ago
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what has worked for me for tmau/body odor. IMPORTANT READ. ON OUR WAY TO THE CURE

Hi. I've had this problem since kindergarten. I am 32. I've tried EVERYTHING. And I am not exaggerating. You figure, after being concious of this for over 20 years, you can imagine I've done it all. I've found something that really, really does work. To make a long story short..I bought some ph strips on a whim. I went to visit my parents and remembered I had them in the car. I took one. My parents took one. Mine was bright yellow on the top and bottom (double acid, which apparently is very rare.) My parents' strips were bright green and light green. We were amazed. So after doing research on this, I was confused. Some are saying it is too much acid in the blood. Some are saying it means you are too alkaline. So I bought Betain HCL. I took 2 tablets. I also bought Hydrated Bentonite (liquid). Immediately after taking the bentonite, my odor was diminishing. I thought it was a fluke. So I decided not to take it the next day. Well, my odor returned full force. My ph strips were back to yellow (ph of about 5.45). So I realized, wow, this hydrated bentonite is making my stomach more alkaline. And obviously, this is helping the odor. My odor is a smoky smell. It smells like smoke. Sometimes, coffee. I do not even drink coffee. For the first time in a while, I went out to k-mart and shopping, and I had been so comfortable. No rubbing noses, sneezes, et cetera. It was great. I then stopped the hydrated bentonite again b/c I purchased activated zeolite. Well, I thought that was working. But ut was not. It was apparently the leftover bentonite. Actually, on the zeolite, as soon as I drank tap water, or I even ate a strawberry, a huge sudden whiff of the smell would come out of me. Which I still cannot figure out, because zeolite is supposed to come out in the urine within 7 hours. I've read that zeolite interacts with chloride. So I am guessing this is it. Which brings me back to my point. After 5 days on the hydrated bentonite, which was alkalizing my stomach acid, I read more about the betain Hydrochloride acid. So I decided to take 8 pills at once. About 1500 grams. Because that was the recommended dose at the hospital when someone was too alkaline. Well, needless to say, wow, the odor returned. All day long. It was almost like I was on my way there...on my way there...and bam! I took three steps back. I obviously made my stomach much more acidic. Which in turn, deleted everything I worked on the last week or so. It is common knowledge that an alkalized body smells a whole lot better than an acidic body. But after Googling, my ph strips said acidic, but it was 50/50 the responses from everyone....does that mean alkaline/acidic? Obviously, for me, at least, it meant what the strip had said all along. ACIDIC. And the funny part is....when I smelled the bottle of Betain HCL, it almost resembled the smell I have. Very, very close. Also, I have taken Nullo in the past with no results. So I did not want to try chlorophyll again. But I did. This time, knowing my acidic situation, I bought liquid copper chlorophyll. It is called Oxychlorophyll..or something like that. I do not have it in front me. But I put it in water, and that helped a lot. More than any of the tons of things I've done in the last 20 years. Some chlorophyll is made from alfalfa, which if it's a choline issue we're having, I do not think that is good for us. This liquid one is not made from alfalfa. So I am still researching and figuring this out. But I definately think you should get yourself some PH stirps at vitamin shop or at the pharmacy at CVS. See if yours is acidic. If so, alkalize your body and I promise you, you will see results. No doubt in my mind. Because so far, this is the only thing that has helped me. Buy some hydrated bentonite (liquid form only). I've tried powder in the past. IDK Y. But it did not work for me. I thought it made the smell worse actually. I know. It does not make sense. But this is what happened. Also, I've been using psyllium husk. You have to take a heaping teaspoon (or more) and drink it down in some water/juice. And take that with the hydrated bentonite. It actually works like sand paper in a way. Scraping all of the toxins or mucous off the intestines. Please, try it. I know you will see results. I've taken the Flagyl. The antibiotics. The lemondade diet. The baking soda. I've drank the tomato juice, bathed in it. I've tried all of the cetera. I've tried the ACV with the mother. The Nullo. They hydrogen peroxide therapy. LivCare. The sea salt flushes. The crystal Thai deodorant. THe B3. The list goes on and on. I've done it all. And I think, after 32 years, I have got my finger on something here. I know I do. Please try it. Tracey AFTER POSTING THIS MESSAGE, I'VE FOUND A LINK YOU WILL ALL FIND VERY INTERESTING. LOOK INTO HOMEOCYSTEIN. _____________---------------------------------------- Trimethylglycine is an N-trimethylated amino acid. This quaternary ammonium exists as the zwitterion at neutral pH. Strong acids such as hydrochloric acid converts TMG to the salt betaine hydrochloride: (CH3)3N+CH2CO2- + HCl → [(CH3)3N+CH2CO2H]Cl- Demethylation of TMG gives dimethylglycine. Degradation of TMG yields trimethylamine, the scent of putrifying fish. So this states that at a neurtral ph (a normal ph) trimethylglcine is N-trimethylated. BUT STRONG ACIDS, SUCH AS HYDROCHLORIC ACID......converts TMG to the salt betain Hydrochloride. DEMETHY----NOT TRIMETHYL----BUT DEMETHYLATION OF TMG GIVES DIMETHYLGLYCINE. TMG YIELDS TMA...THE SCENT OF ROTTING FISH. WOW. SO OBVIOUSLY, I THINK THAT I WAS RIGHT ON. THIS IS PROOF TO FURTHER SUPPORT MY THEORY. I AM VERY INTERESTED FOR YOU TO TRY THE PH STRIPS AND TELL ME WHAT YOU COLOR WAS. I HOPE THIS HELPS. PLEASE...LOOK INTO HOMEOCYSTEIN. THERE IS A CURE FOR THIS. AND TOGETHER, WE ARE GOING TO FIND IT.

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