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turiya Views: 6,054
Published: 9 years ago
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Its Something You Can't Hide...

I have finally got some puzzle pieces togheter that convinces me that it is really all about the power of the Archons. The Elite have created false mass groups and religions like zionism, jews, christianity , muslims bla bla bla, but themselves KNOW the reality that the interdimensional archons from specially the 4th dimension is running the game. They worship and interact with these entities through anscient occult symbols and rituals (as templates which draws theire archonic energy into manifestation in our 3rd dimension). All the Multinational corporation logos and other symbols serves as this sub conscious programming. They sacrifice children, and thrive of fear and violence to let the archons feeds, very like the "Wrait" beings from Stargate Atlantis Tv Show, just that they are living in physical forms, while the archons is interdimensional.

Also the interesting link to anscient occult astrology which all seems to point to that Satan and satanism has all to do with the planet or rather "living archonic energy body" SATURN. Google the occult brotherhood of saturn. This is the possible origin of the materalistic manipulation of humanity, and maybe also where the major archons or chief archons YAWHE or JEHOVA is coming from/living. The interesting link posted here some days ago about the "Saturnian machine", working as the real origin of our fake matrix, with a impact that results in us having such a small and narrow band of frequency perception, and tottally manipulated and forced to our lower chakras to anchor us in fear, guilt, greed, survival and temptations. And of course to add to that all of the biological warfare with pathogens, parasites that anchors in the frequencies from the interdimensional archons, all the EMF that works over time to litterally deprive and suck out the energies and processes that makes and sustain our souls. Google Dan Winters Knowledge about the relations between ensoulment and dirty Electric Energy fields etc.

Once again, all too many people 'believe' that those that operate under the so-called Illuminati label have some sort of inside track on the mysteries of life.
I hate to pop your bubble, but If there is any inside track that these m0r0ns have, its an inside track to the miseries of life, not to be confused with mysteries of this life.

So sorry, but humanity has continued to give its power away by refusing to take on responsibility for its own self-created misery.

Start taking on responsibility and you will begin to see a miracle happen for yourself, those miseries start turning into mysteries.

Its true human qualities such as greed, lust, survivalism, fear, etc., are rooted in humanity's animal heritage (the lower chakras). The established religions have devised a scheme to keep the priests (religion politicians) in control over their flock, through the condemnation (guilt) of man's animal heritage as being the prerequisite to attainment of a Life After Death in Heaven. Forfeit this life so some after-life can be had at some other time in the future.

As a result man has become crippled inside in order to reach to a joyful existence after he is dead. Not a good deal to be had in my book. I think John Lennon understood that as well.

All these so-called established religions that can be listed have come in the wake of truly enlightened individuals. Its the scholars, pundits, philosophers, priests, politicians, etc., that show up immediately on the scene after these enlightened ones left their physical bodies that are the opportunists that promote their attempts to construct an establishment so further exploitation can be managed.

Its nothing more complicated that.

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