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Re: A thought on LF

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Published: 10 years ago
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Re: A thought on LF

>- That does not mean you understand what the results show.

But, I do, quite well. I am more than slightly knowledgeable in physiology and biochemistry. I even knew to ask for it while you likely did not even realize that it was not a part of the standard CBC.

>- Yet, the "liver flush" supporters have yet to come up with even one piece of real evidence to prove any of the "liver flush" claims

" Liver Cleansing remains a little-researched area of modern medicine. Scientific study of botanical medicines and a handful of nutraceuticals have provided sound evidence of liver condition-specific efficacy, yet no studies exist in which Liver Cleansing as a whole has been explored." From the "Townsend Letter".

Yet, the "liver flush" detractors have yet to come up with even one piece of real evidence to disprove any of the "liver flush" claims

>- to counter the real evidence against this fraud that has been presented.

Show me the studies! You have only posted anecdotal junk. Again from the "Townsend Letter": "no studies exist in which Liver Cleansing as a whole has been explored"

Why? Because it costs and nobody profits enough to pay for it.

>- Do you even know what systemic means?

Yes. And in this case, laughing is nothing but pure rudeness.

Systemic means related to the whole system, in this context, not only the circulatory system, but the entire body. Dehydration affects every cell in the body, as does CO2 levels, and pH.

>- Wrong again!!! The pH of the urine does not indicate the pH of the blood.

No, you missed the boat and are completely wrong. I did not mention the pH of the blood in that statement. What I said is: "If your body is having to constantly pump either acidity or alkalinity out, it is a big problem" and this is very true. Recent studies support this.

The NIH states on PubMed " risk of bladder cancer among current smokers tended to be higher for those with a consistently acidic urine ... compared with those without"

The NIH also states on PubMed "Type 2 diabetes is associated with excessively low urine pH,"

The NIH also states on PubMed "Evidence exists that a more acidic diet is detrimental to bone health. Although more precise methods exist for measurement of acid-base balance, urine pH reflects acid-base balance and is readily measurable ... In conclusion, a more alkaline diet, higher fruit and vegetable and lower meat intake were related to more alkaline urine with a magnitude similar to intervention studies"

The two groups with the absolute highest risk of cancer both present excessively acid urine along with decreased bone mass and at least a slight reduction in plasma pH.

>- acids are RARELY the cause of excessive bone loss

The NIH states "Colas, but not other carbonated beverages, are associated with low bone mineral density in older women"

The NIH also states "There was a significant decrease in the bone mineral density of test groups ( drinking cola ) when compared to the control groups "

"new study suggests that drinking diet, regular and decaffeinated cola can actually lower bone density" ABC

Colas contain excess phosphoric acid that decreases bone density. When these sodas are drank, it also produces a significant lowering of the urine pH along with an calcium ion increase.

>- what you are missing is the well known fact that respiration

No, I am not missing that. Learned that in high school. But something else that I learned is that there is a limit of how far respiration can go to balance the blood. Yes, then there is the bicarbonate, then the ammonia, then what? At the same time, the kidneys are having to pump acidity out using mostly calcium to do it damaging the bones in the process and probably other organs as well.

This is another fact that you seem to miss. When the urine is constantly acidic, it is a strong indication of either highly taxed respiration or respiratory insufficiency as in smokers among others.

Smokers are documented to have slightly lower plasma pH, lower bone density, significantly greater urinary acidity, and significantly higher risk of ALL cancers. This has been documented by the NIH long ago and repeatedly. Some people don't get it.

At last, back to topic flushes and cleanses.

>- MLM sales hype. If you knew anything about cancer you would know for one thing that acids stimulate apoptosis of cancer cells.

Very wrong assumption. First, I have nothing at all to do with MLM and I strongly support and promote flushing and cleansing because they are very healthy and safe to do.

Second, I am speaking from years of experience with this.
My grandmother, who was a RN, taught me to do cleansing almost 50 years ago, when I was a teenager and the results were immediately noticible.

Third, I have known people other than myself who have done flushes, cleanses, and things such as coffee enemas since the 1970's and they are in their late eighties and early 90's and extremely healthy. Many of those that I knew who did not do these healthy things are now DEAD.

Fourth, while basically irrelevant to flushing, either extreme alkaline or acid will cause apoptosis in vitro, but that is not the solution because the acid will also kill the immune system, in vivo, which performs best at pH above 7.38-7.39. Yes, excess alkalinity is bad too.

So, how many people have you actually known to die or suffer badly from cleansing or flushing?

What you completely fail to understand is that cancer is a failure of the immune system. We develop cancer cells frequently but the T-Cells of our properly functioning immune system trackes them down and kills them with superoxide which by the way is alkaline. Peroxide is also present that allerts the Monocytes and NK cells that come in to finish the job.

Again, the superoxide induces apoptosis while the peroxide activates the NK cells and Monocytes to finish the job. If the T-cells do not recognize the cancerous cells, then the cancer continues to grow. The lower the pH, the less likely that T-cells are to find the cancer and respond to it to begin with. This is well documented. Visit the NIH site and do some searching.

Now, students, back to the flush ...

>- Epsom Salts is magnesium sulfate, which is acidic in solution.

By itself. The solution that I mentioned has a pH of over 8.0 and is well buffered. You completely ignored the Calcium hydroxide ( pickling lime ) and the sodium bicarbonate, using the presence of Epsom Salt as smoke and mirrors.

>- There are several causes of GERD such as lack of stomach acid or a hiatal hernia.

One thing that the medical profession has not realized yet, is that there is a cause for hiatal hernia and one very overlooked cause is a misaligned stomach.

>- Again an excuse used by those who have no real evidence to counter what has been presented.

No, well documented and actually publically acknowledged by the FDA and the NIH.

>- No thanks

This is the very how and why ignorance abounds! There are just some who are too arrogant and unwilling to learn. On top of that, you show real fear of accepting the fact that I have knowledge of these issues. What you mentioned is not news to me and you just can not accept that. You are afraid to visit those sites because it would prove that I already was aware of things that you thought that only you knew. On my site, I point to the Rods of Ra, Wands of Horus, the Baghdad battery, and a number of other things. The site has been up a few years.

>- If the powers to be were really trying so hard to hide the information then we would not have books such as The Cancer Cure that Worked or websites discussing these therapies.

Sorry, this is misguided. Just because they have failed to suppress the information does not mean that they have not tried. I have personally felt the brunt of their efforts.


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