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Re: A thought on LF
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Published: 10 years ago
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Re: A thought on LF

 >- I don't know enough of your history to say one way or the other.

Of course, but I do, including 5 years of blood tests to back up what I claim, including things that are not normally tested such as Magnesium levels.

That does not mean you understand what the results show.

>- >- the information being spouted by so many is wrong.

>- Yeah, CisPlat is great stuff!

>- If you say so. Not my cup of tea.

Exactly my point, you keep referring back to text books, etc that should be and will be completely obsolete.

I am not the only one that referred to textbooks or books in general.  In fact it was you that brought up the library in the first place.

>- Again, a very well known concept of how things work in the body that can be found in textbooks or from medical sites on the internet.

Again, this will be found to be inaccurate.

Yet, the "liver flush" supporters have yet to come up with even one piece of real evidence to prove any of the "liver flush" claims or to counter the real evidence against this fraud that has been presented.  That is why the "liver flush" supporters keep resorting to personal attacks since they have no evidence to present.

So let's see the evidence proving the claims inaccurate.  Or does any real evidence even exist?

>- could be something as simple as more plant fiber in your diet for your flora to ferment generating more anti-Candida ACIDS.

The change made was to drink my home made alkaline water.

>->- pH was around 5.6 which is a definite indication of systemic problems.

>- No, it is not. Simple dehydration can lower urinary pH as can numerous other non-health issues.

dehydration is a systemic problem! Don't you get that? Additionally, that was not my problem.

LOL!!!  Do you even know what systemic means?

>- Again, urinary pH is not an accurate indicator of either blood pH or health.

Actually, it is! If your body is having to constantly pump either acidity or alkalinity out, it is a big problem.

Wrong again!!!  The pH of the urine does not indicate the pH of the blood.  Why? Simple, because the body has numerous pH buffering systems with respiration being the primary, not the kidneys.  Next on the list is buffering by bicarbonate, not the kidneys.

>- get out of your old outdated ideas. First of all calcium is hardly the only mineral

The importance of calcium is not outdated.

I never said it was not important.  I CLEARLY stated that it is not the only mineral needed.  And in fact it is not the most important either.

Ironically though the importance of calcium can be found in all those textbooks that you keep claiming are all outdated.  So you are contradicting yourself.

I am well aware of the importance of other minerals in both bone and tooth density and growth. I am also aware of the importance of of acid-alkaline ballance in this respect.

We could get in to an entire debate just on this subject alone that you would also lose, but that is not the topic of this board.

I have regrown most of a missing adult molar in the past few years so something that I am doing is right. Calcium-hydroxy apatite is amazing stuff when mixed with the right minerals and other nutritional supplements along with a little electricity.

MCH is bone meal extract.  As far as I am concerned bone meal is a better choice as it provides more of the nutrients needed for bone than MCH.

And as far as the electricity goes do you know why it is important?  I mean specifically.  If you can answer that then you will also know why calcium is not the most important bone mineral.

>- failures of the buffering system are

Again, what you are missing is that overuse of the buffering system is DAMAGING to the body and to its organs.

And again, what you are missing is the well known fact that respiration is the primary means for pH regulation by the body.  We do not over use breathing, which is one of the reasons true acidosis is so rare!

>- Demineralization of bones is a last resort by the body to address acidosis.

It starts quicker than you might think.

Clearly you have clue of how bone is remodeled or the fact that acids are RARELY the cause of excessive bone loss.  Again, if this were a bone health debate board you would clearly lose these debates as well.

>- Unsubstantiated.

No, substantiation is suppressed.

Ah, the all time excuse to prevent having to say "I have no real evidence to present".

>- >- There are areas with highly alkaline water containing combinations of calcium, magnesium, cesium, and/or rubidium. In these areas, cancer is super rare, almost non-existant.

>- Another common myth commonly spread by the alkaline propaganda sites. If that were the case then we should not have any cancer where I live considering how hard our water is and how super alkaline our soils are.

No, it depends on the content. This is well documented. There ARE definite areas of the worls where cancer is almost non-existent and those areas have higher concentrations of the elements mentioned. It is not necessarily alkalinity, but the specific minerals causing the alkalinity.

Again, MLM sales hype.   If you knew anything about cancer you would know for one thing that acids stimulate apoptosis of cancer cells.  Alkalinity on the other hand within the cancer cells helps the cells to survive and proliferate.  You would also know that most cancers have microbial origins, and most pathogens thrive in an alkaline environment.  All the claims about high pH and low cancer rates have been disproven many times.  The only people still promoting this myth are the MLM cons and those who are believe whatever these cons tell them.

>- Maybe you were dehydrated.

I did not increase my water consumption, only added minerals to it, specifically, pickling lime, epsom salt, potassium chloride, and sodium bicarbonate.

Epsom salts is magnesium sulfate, which is acidic in solution.

>- In addition, as I have pointed out so many times feeling better does not mean that one is better.

I agree.

>- A person can take alkaline water for GERD and it will do the same thing as a Tums. It will make one feel better, but it will make the underlying condition worse and aggravate the problem in the long run.

You are correct, nothing that you take can compensate for a mis-aligned stomach. It took 60 seconds to re-position my stomach and cure my chronic acid reflux that has not returned.

There are several causes of GERD such as lack of stomach acid or a hiatal hernia.

>- keep up on the current research, which I do

Sadly, much of the current research has fingers of green on the scales. Additionally, much of the research done today is done to follow an agenda. It is not pure.

Again an excuse used by those who have no real evidence to counter what has been presented.

>- Do you know when the original electrotherapy started? It dates back to ancient Greek and Roman days where they would use the high voltage shocks of electric eels to cure disease.

Yes, you might visit one of my over 50 web sites: 
to read about this and even see a few of the items that I own.

No thanks.  Based on your other answers I will continue to look for credible sources of information.

>- I learned that from a book over 25 years ago. Information is out there if one looks.

Yes, works by such figures as R.O. Becker are out there but what you read was likely neither a biology textbook nor a medical textbook. Only a fortunate few were able to find this tyoe of information before the advent of the internet. My point is that the powers that be are trying to hide this information. This is why the manufacturers and sellers of things such as Rife and the Medical Electric Battery were blackmailed / coerced off of the market.

If the powers to be were really trying so hard to hide the information then we would not have books such as The Cancer Cure that Worked or websites discussing these therapies.


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