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Re: A thought on LF
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Published: 10 years ago
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Re: A thought on LF

 Fecal soap man is not an insult or a violation of TOS.

Yes it is.  Just like I can think of a number of wonderful nicknames for you that I could post.  If I did though then I am sure that the LF supporters would be all over me crying foul claiming I was insulting you.

The fecal soap theory is your theory, no matter how ridiculous it sounds,

ROTFLMAO!!!  It is so hilarious that the LF supporters keep verifying that fecal soaps are real then try to discredit it in the same sentence.  Clearly you do not have a clue what a theory is.  A theory in short is a claim backed by EVIDENCE!!!

no matter how many times it's been proved invalid you stand behind it 100%.

It has yet to be invalidated even once.  On the other hand I have posted multiple abstracts from medical journals proving the formation and existence of fecal soaps.  So how is this invalidated?  Just because the LF supporters keep refusing to look at any real evidence presented to them that prove their claims wrong they consider this invalidation?  Apparently they know as little about the definition of invalidation as they do the definition of theory!!!

You should be honored for bringing this theory to the fore front and given full credit for its invention.

Sorry, but I cannot take credit for something that has been reported in so many science and medical journals for so long for anyone wishing to look up the truth to find.  By the way what is normally produced by the body is not an "invention" either.  Just like red blood cells are not an invention.  Should I add the word "invention" to the list of words you need to learn the definitions of?

What other man would be willing to sacrifice his integrity for such a worthy endeavor.

Who is sacrificing his integrity?  Oh, you must mean the LF supporters who keep ignoring all the evidence presented to them and resort to making up lies about people and calling them names just because they provided solid evidence to counter the claims of the LF supporters.

Be proud of your fecal balls or cubes or spheroids or what ever you men of fecal soap 
Science call these little fecal entrenched soap balls. For one day you may be honored and be rewarded with a plaque for your dedication to the science of fecal matter.

Yep, more proof of my last statement.  No wonder you feel you have to hide behind a number when you post.  If I were you posting such ridiculous crap I would be afraid to have people know who I was as well. 


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