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The road to recovery is paved with SOAP. maybe. (sorry long read) BUT TRY IT!!!!

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skoshie Views: 3,564
Published: 11 years ago

The road to recovery is paved with SOAP. maybe. (sorry long read) BUT TRY IT!!!!

Hello once again everyone! I am happy to say that for the first time in a long time I have really good, tangible insights about the causes of this condition! I recently posted for the first time on this forum about a week ago spilling my guts about the "havoc" EC has reaped on my life. For months I've lived with the constant dry, peeling, lips characteristic of EC. I couldn't tell what was the matter with me. I drink tons of water so dehydration wasn't it, I'm not allergic to any foods so that was out, and I led a moderately healthy life style. Things just didn't add up.
Very recently however, I stumbled upon a thread mentioning something some of you might already be aware of: a chemical called Sodium Lauryl/Laureth Sulfate. And at this point I know what you might be thinking, "Psh I already use Biotene, this guys full of crap." And I know, that is a perfectly fair reaction, one that I had too a couple weeks ago. Like many of you I stopped using conventional toothpaste in favor of brands without the harsh foaming chemicals. So after a couple days I told myself this just might work. But then? Nothing. Not a thing changed. My lips were still as bad as ever.
That was maybe a month or two ago. But last week I was watching Fight Club, one of my favorite movies ever. Now, anyone familiar with the film knows about the Paper Street Soap Company.

"The first soap was made from the ashes of heroes, like the first monkey shot into space." --Tyler Durden.

AND THAT"S WHEN IT HIT ME. SOAP!!!!!! So I immediately ran to the bathroom and read every label on every shampoo, bar soap, hand soap, and conditioner bottle in my bathroom. And lo and behold they all had two things in common, Sodium Lauryl and Laureth Sulfate. Aha! Paydirt! So that very night I went to Whole Foods in search of chemical free soaps. A few hours and a lighter wallet later I came home with a whole array of hippie dippy natural soaps and shampoos. I took two showers that night and cleaned myself obsessively (probably unnecessary but whatever). Immediately though I noticed my skin didn't feel like it normally did after I showered. Usually my skin would be dry and tight feeling, but this time I felt good, clean but not that staunch, sudsy, chemical clean.

Let me warn you though. Depending on how bad your EC is this will probably not clear up after taking one shower. Over time things can build up in the body, and your skin cells need some time to recover from the constant battery of harsh surfactants (SLS, SLES). I made the switch less than a week ago but within a day or two the yellow buildup completely stopped. I'm not gonna say they are normal but there is DEFINITE improvement every day. The tingly, sometimes burning sensations I would get around my mouth happened less and less frequently and the skin on the rest of me felt tons better. Now my lips have actually started to heal, yeah I know a shocking word to see on this forum.

But hold on. Let me explain myself a little. All scientific-like. These chemicals Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and Sodium Lareth Sulfate are called surfactants. Now, the purpose of surfactants is to lower the surface tension of the things they come into contact with, in this case your skin. This means that your skin will more easily diffuse water in and out, but overwhelmingly out. This being the reason for the constant dryness. Also, studies have shown that SLS and SLES cause skin irritation, not can cause, DO cause. It depends on your sensitivity, concentrations in the products you use, and other what nots. But the takeaway is that this chemical is not particularly good for anyone. But especially not for someone with say, eczema, someone who doesn't drink a lot of water, and people with allergies. Because another effect of this chemical is that it makes you more reactive to allergies you already have. Did your roommate recently get a dog? Are pollen levels high where you live? Etc? So your soap, in combination with other factors can produce severe skin reactions, *cough* EC.

I would like to say that I'm trying my best not to play doctor and tell you all I've found THE cure for EC. Everyone is different and your particular EC may not be caused by your shampoo. But I do however, believe that everyone can benefit from leading a less chemically afflicted lifestyle. So for your own sake, just give it a try! At the very least your EC will improve if not go away. I warn you however, not to become distraught if the change isn't immediate. Most people have been subjecting there skin to these harsh chemicals everyday for years, most their entire lives, 'cause this crap's in most everything we use that foams up! So read the labels, buy new soap, and most importantly let go! Don't worry about every little flake that forms. This is natural. I went through it too. Your body needs time first and foremost, and in the end it will sort itself out. And if you try this lifestyle change and it works, tell me about it! I'd love to here that something is finally starting to work for people! And if it doesn't work don't be discouraged, at least you have eliminated one more thing as a cause.

Thank you all for listening. Stay strong friends. I love ya.

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