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Need Advice on Long Term Fast
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Published: 11 years ago

Need Advice on Long Term Fast

Hi all,

I am posting seeking some input from experienced fasters here. I myself am experienced, but am confronted with some things that I don't quite know how to deal with.

So I have done about five extended fasts (10 to 16 days) in the past, the most recent in January 2011. I embarked on another on June 11th, and today, Day 19 I guess it is, I am ready to quit, but want to continue. My plan was to go for 40 days--I really thought I could do it.

I am very weak, and I have a job (sedentary though it is), so I can't just lay on my couch.

I am very careful about electrolytes while fasting, I drink Smartwater with electrolytes in it, so I don't think it is that.

I am sort of okay now, sitting at my desk, but walking even a few blocks, sometimes even walking to the bedroom, is very taxing. I can't really do any exercise without sheer exhaustion.

I have never juice fasted, and am wondering if I should switch to that to continue, or even switch just for a few days to get some energy, and then go back to water.

But I need to keep losing weight akin to a water fast--(Have a big social engagement at end of July that I have to look good for).

I have lost 19 pounds so far and need to keep that apace.

Here are my points:

1) why am I so exhausted? I have felt better on earlier fasts. I am doing nothing different. The only difference is that is summer, but I am not in the heat really.

2) This is the first fast I have done with a new scale that does that bioelectric thing that can tell you how many pounds of fat you are. I have lost 19 pounds, but have only lost 10 pounds of fat...Okay what are the other 9 pounds? I know some water, but this scale also measures body water, and that has been constant (and I drink a lot of water). So did I lose numerous pounds of muscle? Because I don't want that. I thought over a long fast you lose a little bit of muscle but a lot? That is not good.

3) Has anyone had any continued success with juice fasting AFTER water fasting? In other words, can you lose 5 or more pounds a week? I am concerned I will drink 200 calories of juice and gain 5 pounds, and I can't afford to have that happen, not after all the suffering that this fasting is, plus the July deadline I have.

4) I don't think it makes biochemical sense to go to juice and then revert to water, because it will take me 4 days to solidly get back into ketosis, and all the suffering that goes with it. I am wondering if I did low carb juices (don't know what that would be, but could look into it) if that would be a better switch and then the switch back won't be the difficult re-entry into ketosis.

Any thoughts of experienced fasters would be appreciated. Thanks.

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