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Re: How come I don't test positive for AIDS ? So many symptoms. False Negative?
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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: How come I don't test positive for AIDS ? So many symptoms. False Negative?

 Hi. I am a 28yo very unhealthy male. I have a multitude of declining health symptoms which seemingly an AIDS diagnosis of a extremely weakened immune system should explain, yet, I do not seem to have AIDS.

AIDS is not a disease, it is a syndrome with multiple causes.  Do a search on "AIDS" on my forum and you will find all sorts of information about this:

Is there a possibility of continued false negatives from the tests? I have had at least 3 tests within the past few years and no real intercourse to speak of for about 5 years. Yet I have these horrible debilitating symptoms...

Not all immune suppression is related to sexually transmitted pathogens.  For example, many medications including over the counter drugs such as NSAIDs can suppress the immune system.  So can hypothyroidism, diabetes, adrenal dysfunction, nutritional deficiencies.........

-Increasing floaters across my vision (probable retinal detachment, I see an Opthmologist soon, very freaked out about losing my vision)

This can have several causes as well such as broken capillaries leaking blood in to the vitreous humor.  The only way to know the cause for sure is to have it checked out.

-Inability to balance correctly (I can still run and I skateboard every day ((skating allows me movement without needing to feel/look like an idiot due to inability to balance)) and I still do things, but my balance gets thrown off, and I sway side to side, most primarily while walking)

Again this could be a number of things.  An inner ear disturbance or a misaligned vertebrae in the neck are a few known causes.

-Digestive distress and food allergies. (I can no longer eat wheat without having severe constipation last for days. Periodically I just have pain all throughout my guts and feel bulges that I almost have to manually push to make my bowels move.)

Again this can can have multiple causes such as a lack of intestinal flora leading to low intestinal serotonin, or elevated serum calcium leading to reduced intestinal contractility.........

Allergies stem from adrenal dysfunction:

-Chest Pains and sleeplessness. Chest Pains alleviated by excersizing. (I used to have horrible chest pains and shortness of breath about 6 years ago, but this has just recently seem to come back :( It keeps me up at night and prevents me from resting. I used to be able to drink it away and pass out but I can no longer tolerate partying/alcohol to self-medicate because it wrecks me for weeks afterwards. heh)

Chest pains can be especially hard to find the issue since again there are so many reasons for this.  With the shortness of breath pleurisy or costochondritis are possibilities.  Or it could be asthma, which is a form of allergy.

I do believe I have a serious and dangerous form of HPV as I had a growth a few years ago and my glans have changed appearance since, but every doctor I see seems to shrug this off. I've seen at least 3 urologists. I suppose because dangerous forms of hpv in males are so unlikely, i guess. So I feel like I hit the rare disease lottery. (only 1000 males a year seem to form cancerous hpv) No idea how to get help, since western medicine really offers nothing for males with HPV and I can't pass an AIDS test.. but I feel like it's led me to Multiple Sclerosis and retinal detachment and I have an MRI in a week to check that out.

Ozone therapy is effective in eradicating HPV and other viruses.

I read alot on the cancertutor site about Cesium Chloride protocals and how it is great to try for both aids and hpv patients.. I'm very interested in this but, I need help!! 

I recommend doing a search on my forum about cesium chloride as well.  Not something I would recommend.


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