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Anal Fecal Odor (Anal Sex Connection)
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Published: 10 years ago

Anal Fecal Odor (Anal Sex Connection)

Okay, some of y'all have really miss me on this website and Y'all want me back. I find that encouraging. And I'm back now to bring a little more flavor to this and dabble in areas y'all probably fantasize about but don't even touch.

Before I had this constant anal fecal odor, I used to only experience anal fecal odor after anal sex. I remember 2 different occasions back then when after being penetrated anally, I took public transportation home and people started complaining on the bus that I stunk of feces. I was confused and embarrassed because I cleaned up real good after sex. And the anal fecal odor would disappear by the next day. I was talking with a bunch of people that get penetrated anally and none of them except for one person admitted to anal odor after sex. The person that the odor happened to said the odor occurred just once after a long session of getting anally penetrated. From what I've written so far, does anyone think this anal odor is as a result of anal muscle damage, or it is bacteria activity? I sometimes engage in group sex sessions - for research purposes so that we can find a cure to this odor problem :-) - and I noticed that none of the people getting penetrated anally have any anal odor whatsoever. And they've all probably doulched prior to getting penetrated. When I do doulche, my anus smells like soap mixed with feces and water and that smell follows me around. At best, after doulching my anus would smell like soap mixed with water. I also have incomplete evacuation feelings all the time. Could it be that my anus is inflamed and not allowing everything to evacuate and, thus, opening up my sphincter muscle OR could it be that I have bad bacteria constantly releasing large amounts of gases that take on the smell of anything in my anus? Please let's use me as a case study and say what you think. We may end up not needing any external research afterall - like they say, charity begins at home. So wear a "caring doctor's" hat and diagnose, diagnose.... (WAITING). Diagnose me and I diagnose you. Also, while and immediately after eating anything, I smell strongly of it. I don't know if it's the same bacteria immediately reproducing the smell or my anus is partly open all the time, releasing the smell of anything in my stomach. The only thing that makes me think that this is not an anal muscle problem is that I smell worst after a bowel movement if I don't wash my anus with soap, wash cloth and water and allow the soap to stay on my butt for a long time in order to kill the bacteria. And if I eat too much sugar, my face develops a sour odor. Someone said our condition is caused by our inability to metabolize Sugar leading to bacteria in the gut digesting the Sugar for us. I read about someone curing their sour facial odor by doing liver cleanse. So could my problem be Sugar and carbs leading to bad bacteria activity? I think I may have diagnosed me but I'll appreciate your critical analysis. What do y'all think?
Lastly Surfer27 developed this odor after inserting some objects into his anus which could have introduced bad bacteria there. Thanks and bye.

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