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Blood Worms?
Hulda Clark Cleanses

Beautiful Skin From Powerful Oils and Roses
Remove signs of aging by renewing skin cel...


Blood Worms?
Hulda Clark Cleanses

Beautiful Skin From Powerful Oils and Roses
Remove signs of aging by renewing skin cel...

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Published: 10 years ago
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U.K. and update...

UPDATE: Ok, well on a scale of 1 to 7, with seven being Chernobyl, Fukushima is now a 6. Wonderful.

I was just sent this animation of radioactive fallout and the path its been taking across the ocean. Headed for West Coast, SoCal, Mexican coasts, the usual suspects.

The radiation has to enter the jet stream. Then it has to cross the Pacific ocean. Then it has to cross the US. Then it has to cross the pond. THEN, it falls on your head.

Live Tokyo Geiger Counter:

Every time it rains, it will knock radioactive particles out of the air, so thats a big plus. Hey, what are the chances you will see unseasonable rains near/on the western coast of the US soon? Wonder who is gonna make that happen??

Then we have to look at the different types of particles that will cause tissue damage.

Plutonium-239 is most likely the worst, not because it has penetrating power, cause it doesn't, but because as it decays, it gets into food and tissues easier. You can expell it through blowing your nose or pooping your brains out, but you do not want it to get into the bones, because it will stay there and wreak havok for the rest of your life.

Strontium 89 and 90. Most will find its way into the intestines and you just poop it out. The 30% that does not will cause bone cancer, organ cancer, and leukemia. Seaweed (Kelp, Alaria) will bind to the S-90, even apparently pulling it out of bones.

Caesium-137. Apple pectin will help eliminate approximately twice as much Caesium than if you just ate well and lived a healthy lifestyle, whatever you may think that is. Finds its way to the bowels, tough to get rid of.

Radioactive iodine. The issue here is that people think iodine will protect the whole body, but it will mainly fill up the cell receptor sites in the thyroid and reproductive organs so that radioactive iodine will not fill up an empty cell receptor site. Radioactive iodine will be the first to fade away, it will only last a few weeks after it stops being pumped into the air by the latest nuclear disaster flavor of the month. Its the first thing people think of, but the easiest (if there is such a thing) to block for the short life it has.

As was discovered by the Japanese atom bomb survivors, a diet rich in seaweed and miso soup protected the body while others got sick and died.

Aztec Green Clay. Add 3 tablespoons to bathwater and soak. Will pull radioactive elements out of tissues.

The various ginsengs will help as well.

Anything that cleans the liver, Chanca Piedra, milk thistle, Astragalus, Schizandra berry, there are many more.

Luckily the Japanese decided to store thousands of spent fuel rods right next to the reactors that are melting down,so there really is nothing to worry about. WHAT AM I SAYING. How could you be so stupid to stack and store spent fuel rods right next to the reactor?!?!? Black Swan anyone?

So, our end of humanity checklist would include herbs that clean the bowels, liver, blood, supplies easily absorbed iodine, opens the kidneys, seaweed and miso soup for binding to particles, and Solomons Seal to lubricate the spinal ligaments so you can bend over and kiss your a$$ goodbye.

But hey, we're not there yet. We are just one big quake away from there. If those spent fuel rods do their thing, I will not be shocked to see Tokyo deserted one month from now. Which is a shame, as I wanted to return to the original Ten-Ichi again.

And That Is All



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